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ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Review

You want to get SHREDDED. But you need that edge. We all do sometimes, and a natural fat burner can make cutting back that unwanted weight far easier.

It’s important that you buy a fat burner with the right ingredients though, you need something natural, clincally dosed and that uses proven methods to increase metabolism, offer dietary support and power you up with more energy.

Is ZKK sliced a product that does this? It looks the part and does have some good ingredients. But alarm bells should be ringing as there is lots of synthesized and risky shit in here.

ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Right, so this is a potent list of chemicals. But generally not in a ‘fun’ risky way, just in a headaches, interactions with other ingredients and shit your pants a bit sort of way. (Maybe not shit your pants)

Citrus Aurantium/Synephrine

This is BAD. Citrus Aurantium and Synephrine are very similar ingredients and ones that are similar to the illegal substance ephedrene. Whilst you may some some good energy spikes and results from this product, chances are that you will also get some side effects.

We recommend testing tolerance with Sliced Fat Burner as more often than not you will feel discomfort from this ingredient, especially at the dose that’s in ZKK’s offering.


Caffeine is a fat burning staple. It increases energy and metabolism and is one of the most researched ingredients in any supplement.

Be a little careful as it has been reported in the past that caffeine can can have negative interactions with Synephrine.

L-Tyrosine & L-Carnitine

Are good amino acids at helping the body use stored fat for energy. Generally you find them in pre workouts as doses need to be a lot higher that 75mg to get the best results.


Gets the body hot and in an effort to cool itself down, will burn extra calories through the day. Helping you lower that daily calorie intake.

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ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Dose

1-2 capsules per day. Whilst this is a safe dose for something that could have side effects if dosed incorrectly, it’s not ideal for a fat burner.

For best results you need to be supplementing 3-4 capsules per day, this ensures you keep your metabolism burning, energy levels high and feel satisfied and not tempted to snack.

ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Side Effects

These can be quite severe from Citrus Aurantium and Synephrine. These ingredients may also interact with caffeine.

This can lead to headaches, nausea and vomiting. Be very careful and just start supplementing 1 capsule per day to see how you get on.


ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Cost

£35 for 1 month (60 capsules), this isn’t a bad price in terms of the amount of ingredients.

But you can get so much more for your money. If you are not sold on the risky ingredients in this product we’d recommend taking a look at our top 3 fat burners.

Ultimately these will give you better results, are safer and at higher doses.

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ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We don’t doubt that you can get some results from this product. But ultimately it’s extremely stimulant heavy and could cause some unwanted side effects.

The good thing is there are natural alternatives, that are safer and dosed to be just as (or more effective) than products like this when it comes to burning fat.

Check our current favorites in our top 3.

ZKK Sliced Fat Burner Review

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