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WMN Lean 11™ Fat Burner Supplement Review

Lean 11™ is a product that is marketed towards active women who are looking for that extra boost. It has been said to promote fat burning benefits with ingredients that are all natural. Each ingredient is said to have been specifically chosen to boost one’s metabolism, energy, and level of fat loss.

The company that markets the product goes by the name WMN™, and they themselves have made it a point to not refer to this fat burner as a ‘miracle cure.’ Instead, they market the product under the promise that it will help square away the rounded edges of one’s routine- by making sure that the they have all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that they need to go through the day properly.

WMN Lean 11™ Ingredients

There are 11 ingredients inside of the Lean 11™ formula, all of which exist in fairly high doses. Of course, whether or not said doses are effective will depend on the ingredients themselves. The supplement does not include any proprietary blends, and we can be certain that the ingredients used are all-natural

Citrus Aurantium

An instant red-flag. Citrus Aurantium, more commonly referred to Bitter Orange Extract or Synephrine, is an ingredient that has been proven to promote a dangerous rise in blood pressure. This is especially risky when consumed by people who already have high-blood pressure.

There are 450 milligrams of Citrus Aurantium per serving, which is a high enough dose to be considered dangerous for some people. Please exercise caution and consult a doctor if you would like to take this supplement – or any other supplement that uses Citrus Aurantium.

Green Tea Extract

This is a popular ingredient, one that we can see in a lot of different fat burner supplements. It’s been said to be most effective in regards to its ability to burn fat and raise metabolism. There are 400 milligrams of Green Tea Extract per serving, which should be enough to be effective.

Green Coffee Extract and Caffeine

Caffeine is another popular ingredient, one that is easy to spot in most fat burner supplements. The caffeine and chlorogenic acid inside of these ingredient are said to not only boost energy but can promote a certain level of fat burning as well.

It does this by boosting a person’s metabolism, although it should be said that best results have been found in people who are lean, rather than people who are obese. There are 350 milligrams of it in the Lean 11™, which is enough to prove its effectiveness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Although Vinegar is not something often found in fat burner supplements, we do see it used on its own quite often. There is some evidence of it working, from one study, which implied that vinegar has some effect on weight loss. It should be said, that whilst the weight was lost, it was also supposedly was regained the next day.

Kola Nut Extract

The last one we’ll discuss is the Kola Nut ingredient which is, strange enough, separated into two different categories. The first one is said to promote weight loss, in that it provides an extra boost of caffeine.

The second version boasts the availability of Choline, a material that has been said to involved in the metabolization of fat inside of the body.

WMN Lean 11™ Dose

The recommended dose per day is three capsules. This is meant to be taken throughout the day, preferably with the addition of food.

As for the ingredients themselves, most of them seem reasonable dosed. Enough for it to be effective, but in some cases the amount of the ingredient could have been decreased or increased.

Does Lean 11™ work?

There is no denying that the supplement should be able to promote some level of fat burn, however, the dangers of consuming certain ingredients (Citrus Aurantium) has me believing that it would be best to choose a different fat burner supplement.

Where to buy Lean 11™?

The fat burner supplement can be purchased here, for the low price of around 30.00 US dollars, or 25.00 Euros. There are 90 pills per container, which is enough for a full month- if taken in the recommended dosage.

WMN Lean 11™ Fat Burner Supplement Review Conclusion

This supplement is specifically targeted at women who already exercise a certain level of fitness. In such case, ingredients like caffeine or green tea extract are likely to take effect. However, the doses for the aforementioned ingredients could have been higher. The supplement also contained Citrus Aurantium, a dangerous ingredient that could cause a dramatic rise in blood pressure.

As such, this isn’t really something we would be able to easily recommend to anyone. In the end, whilst the supplement does set out to do what it needs to do, there are other fat burner supplements that have shown better results.

If you want to have access to those fat burners, then I would recommend you have a look at out Top 3 Fat Burner review.

Lean 11


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