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What Ingredients Burn Fat

We’ve posted a fat burning index before. You can view that here with the full definitions of some of these ingredients.

But in this list we are going to take a more general look at what are the most common fat burning ingredients you see in the market today and what they are supposed to do to help you burn away fat. Most of these natural fat burning ingredients are natural. However there are some exceptions in this list.

If you are looking to cut away unwanted fat, or simply just curious as what exists in the industry at the moment you can most like find what you are looking for in this list.

What Ingredients Burn Fat:

Green tea extracts:

The most popular ingredient that’s used in a lot if not most fat burners out there is green tea extract that are packed full of metabolism-boosting catechins.
Cayenne pepper: What might look like a spice used in the kitchen has also been used in weight loss supplements and for a good reason as it’ll increase body temperature to torch fat easily.

Green Tea Fat Loss Shortcut


When used in controlled amounts, caffeine can help in making you feel energetic by boosting heart rate and also increases metabolism sans it’s side effects like insomnia.


The traditional Indian herb is quite popular in the native medicine system, Ayurveda. As a stress reliever and it’s function of blocking Cortisol production, it reduces craving and has helped a lot of people lose weight.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone:

And here we thought pronouncing ashwagandha was difficult. Abbreviated as POQ, this organic compound helps in boosting metabolism through a very interesting process known as mitochondrial biogenesis.


Originating from the bark of a particular African tree, Yohimbe’s improves blood flow and thus makes the oxidation of fatty acids an easy ordeal. This doesn’t translate to fat loss per se but will improve the rate at which you lose fat.


This non-hormonal breakdown product of DHEA is naturally produced in the body but it’s levels in the body keep dropping as we age. Providing additional 7-Keto to your body increases metabolism and protein synthesis as well.


Hesperidin belongs to a class of organic compounds and is commonly found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. It can help in burning fat by regulating carbohydrate metabolism. There are certain studies that suggest that it helps in lipolysis as well but nothing too concrete can be said at the moment.


Though it’s not as popular as the other ingredients on the list, Forskolin’s properties make it a worthy inclusion in some of the most popular fat burners out there. It not only increases the secretion of testosterone in the body (for lean body mass), but also has shown to play a part in increasing lipolysis without any harmful side effects.

Hoodia Gordoni:

That hunger pangs that you get from having low-cal diet and foods is not unavoidable, for Hoodia Gordoni, a plant in South African desert, has properties that act as an appetite suppressant and has been used for the same purpose by the natives for long distance journeys across the desert.

Raspberry Ketones:

Another metabolism booster found in a natural source like red raspberries are raspberry ketones. While the jury is still out on whether it can secrete a protein to promote weight loss or not, that fact that it boosts metabolism is reason enough for manufacturers to include it in their products.

Black Pepper Extract:

Piperine usually fund in black pepper is quite known for it’s function of preventing weight gain but apart from it the extracts of black pepper have numerous other benefits like preventing cancer symptoms, treating bronchitis, upset stomach and more.


Capsaicin is a compound that isn’t specific to any ingredient but is rather something that is found in many different types of peppers including black pepper and cayenne pepper as mentioned above. It’s the ingredient responsible for giving it a hot taste and science has supported that having it in controlled amounts can be quite beneficial to the metabolism in the body.

Vitamin B12:

Perhaps the most natural among these ingredients, when it comes to weight loss anyway, is vitamin B12 which is naturally found in the body as well. Supplementing yourself with a little extra allows it to bring together the needed chemicals for a metabolic reaction to start and helps in breakdown of fat and protein in the food that we eat as well.

Vitamin B6:

Another vitamin that can help you in losing weight is vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine. It brings about glucogeneisis to take place, which is basically the conversion of glycogen into glucose. That, in turn, makes you feel energetic and allows you to exercise longer, thus indirectly playing a part in your weight loss endeavors.

Vitamin D:

The third in our trio of popular vitamins in fat burner supplements is vitamin D. Many studies have linked the deficiency of vitamin D to weight gain, the reason being that a loss of vitamin D prevents the body from the production of leptin: a hormone that inhibits the feeling of hunger. So, by adding some vitamin D into a fat burner, manufacturers hope that it can act as an appetite suppressant.


Once again adding zinc won’t exactly do benefits to your body per se, but a deficiency in zinc has been known to cause a loss of metabolism as the it doesn’t fully supply it’s need to the thyroid gland. At the very least, you’ll have some surplus non-lethal quantity of zinc in your body if you’re not facing any deficiency and if you are, well, then you already know what will happen.


Similar to vitamin D, this ingredient found in the root of the konjac plant, basically has fiber that acts as an appetite suppressant by making you feel full even after a rather mediocre meal. This helps prevent overeating and hence promotes weight loss as well.


Though explaining the function of aspidosperma quebracho-blanco is rather difficult, in a gist it basically stimulates your central nervous system that allows your body to get lean. Apart from that, it also contains a lot of yohimbe which, as explained earlier (ingredient number 7), works to block specific receptors that inhibit weight loss.
Evodia Rutaecarpa: This extract from the Chinese and Korean fruit Evodia has been traditionally used in it’s native region to treat digestion problems. However, it’s function of thermogensis to increase body temperature and thus burn fat is much more interesting and useful to fat burning supplement manufacturers.


Sesamin, as the name might hint, is a lignan found prominently in sesame oil and while it’s antioxidant properties is what it was originally popular for, it can also promote weight loss and fat burning by stimulating genes that carry out the process of fat oxidation and decreasing fat storage at the same time as well!

Cnidium Monnieri Plant:

Similar to Evodia, Cnidium has been used by the Chinese for centuries as a traditional herb to treat ailments. It’s usage in fat burning supplements is done because it prevents gaining fat but burns fat as well, making it really effective if taken properly. Non-fat-burning uses of it include treating certain ailments like osteoporosis.

White Willow Bark:

White Willow Bark may not directly lead to fat burning but it’s influence on other fat burning ingredients makes it a really appealing ingredient to be added in a fat burning supplement. It’s original use was as a painkiller since it lasts longer than aspirin but it was soon discovered that this property can also be applied to fat burning ingredients in order to promote their longevity, thus indirectly being one of the most versatile and amazing fat burning ingredients in the list.


While pronouncing it might prove to be one of the most difficult challenges, this lipid, abbreviated as OEA, is naturally found in the body whose function is to tell the nervous system to give you the feeling of fullness after you eat a scrumptious meal. By giving extra OEA to your body in the form of a supplement you essentially trick your body into thinking that you’ve already eaten a lot.


Naringin is another ingredient found in citrus fruits that has a lot of good effects whether pertaining to fat burning or otherwise. It boosts metabolism in order to create a long term fat burning effect and its antioxidative properties help in providing many other benefits like preventing signs of aging, preventing cancer and so on.

Inula Racemosa:

This Indian herb which is also used in the nation’s traditional medicine system, ayurveda, has a lot of chemicals that promote weight loss and provide other benefits but the most important one among them is called alantolactone which enhances insulin sensitivity to prevent storage of fat.

Green Coffee Bean:

When it comes to making traditional coffee, the roasting process usually cuts down its content of chlorogenic acid, while green coffee beans that are not roasted retain this. The chrologenic acid helps in preventing the formation of glucose in the liver, meaning your body has no choice but to burn down the fat in your body as a means of providing it with energy to function properly.

Green-Coffee-Bean Instant Knockout

White Tea Extract:

Similar to it’s green cousin, white tea also has a noticeable amount of the polyphenol catechins to prevent adipogenesis and boost metabolism to burn fat. It also brings a few other benefits to the table like improved cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of developing cancer.


Scientifically called Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA is an a fatty acid that’s used as an ingredient in fat burning supplements because of it’s nature of preserving lean body mass through breakdown of enzymes.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR):

The function of ALCAR is slightly more complicated than the rest but it basically intends to decrease the consumption of glucose so the body relies more on burning fats as it’s form of energy, thus causing fat burn and ultimately weight loss.

We’ve really not covered the whole list when it comes to ingredients that burn fat, but we’ve certainly covered the essentials!

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