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Ways to Tell Your Body is Burning Fat

Supplements, diet, exercise.. it’s all just means to an end for most people. The end being the weight loss that they’ve always wanted. But since there isn’t an exact measure to know if you’re burning fat or not? What signs and other characteristics should you be on the look out for to see if you’re really shedding fat

Let’s find out:

Improved Exercise Performance:

While regular exercise also plays a part in improvement, the fact that you are really sheeding fat also has somewhat of a correlation between the amount of energy that you feel. If you feel energetic to hit those weights and run on the treadmill, there’s a good chance that you’re already burning fat and even if you aren’t the energy can help you do so anyway!

Improved Appetite:

If you no longer feel the need to eat fast food or takeouts, your body has flushed the toxins out that were making you crave for more. This sign may not always be there even if you’re exercising but if it is there and stays for a while, you can be sure that it was a result of burning fat rather than something that popped into your mind as an inspiration.

That Waistline:

The most obvious way to find out that you are losing fat(apart from measuring weight, of course), is checking your waistline. If those skin-hugging jeans feel rather loose, you can be certain that you’re shedding some serious fat.

Feeling Peaceful:

Okay this is pertaining more towards the mind than the body but a feeling of peace and joy is also a sign of burning fat. We’re not talking about the one you get as a response to when you notice the weight loss on the weighing machine but the one that is just there. This is because many studies have linked losing weight and burning fat to a person being healthy from an overall standpoint. It provides resistance towards the onset of certain diseases as well.

Weight Loss:

Of course, the whole point of burning fat in the first place is to lose weight. So, hop on that weighing machine and check if you’ve been losing a few pounds apart from the usual weight loss/weight gain cycle, then it’s time to rejoice but not by giving yourself a treat. We wouldn’t want that weight lost to come back on now, would we?


If you’ve been facing complements and remarks about the weight that you recently lost or how you look completely amazing in that dress that never fit you, then it’s a no-brainer that you’ve obviously burned some fat.

Better Sleep:

How does burning fat is anyway related to the sleep you get? Many doctors have suggested that tossing and turning at night even if you don’t have coffee to play a part in it is a sign of a poor exercise and healthy routine. When you burn fat, you automatically make your body healthier as mentioned in our previous point and when that happens, expect to sleep like a baby!

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