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Warrior Blaze Fat Burner Review

Warrior Blaze is supposedly one of the stronger fat burners available on the market. Containing a proprietary blend of fat burning ingredients, the product has got lots of positive reviews online. Just from scanning the ingredients list we can see that there are some potentially harmful ingredients in this product, so would recommend caution if you are going to buy.


To be completely honest, we think that this product looks a little bit cheap and untrustworthy. It’s not always about looks, but a pixelated label and dark colours mean it’s not the most appealing fat burner we have ever held.

Key Ingredients

Some great ingredients in here. But the proprietary blend means that there’s a good chance you could end up with some side effects, or no results at all. Generally companies will hide the exact dosage of ingredients to cut costs. Alarm bells should be ringing.

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You need this in any fat burner. Caffiene will get your metabolism going and ensure you have energy even if you are dieting. You want a steady dose of caffeine that will support you throughout the day.  Not a single dose as this will leave you to crashes.


This comes from the chilli pepper. When it hits your stomach it causes your body temperature to rise, this in turn increases your metabolic rate and will help you burn fat.

Bitter Orange Peel

This is similar in chemical nature to ephedrine. Something that is very dangerous and actually a banned FDA substance. We do not recommend any supplement that contains Citrus Aurantium as there are proven studies that show it interacts negatively with caffeine. Be careful.


Elevates mood. But has also been proven to reduce sugar cravings. This is an interesting ingredient for a fat burner, and one that may help alleviate any negative side effects you get from the citrus aurantium.

Green Tea

Green tea extract works buy increasing the amount of calories your body will burn through the day and helping to break down fat cells through polyphenols.

This ingredient makes a great tasting tea but also gives great results as a fat burner! You do want a dose of about 500mg for it to be effective, so we are not fully convinced this supplement will provide you with a high enough intake. It is good to see though!


2 per day. 4 hours in between as a minimum. We’d exercise caution when taking this supplement. It is a blend that contains a fairly dangerous ingredient.


┬ú49.99 from bodybuildingwarehouse.com. Very expensive. We’ve got much safe and better products currently in our top 3 fat burners so we’d recommend that you check those out before investing in this.


An expensive supplement that doesn’t give you a full ingredients profile. This product isn’t worth risking your health or your hard earned money for. If you are serious about getting effective long term results with no side effects, check out our top 3.




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