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Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx Review

We all know that working out can be pretty exhausting and you need a lot of nutrients to make everything worth the while. You are probably looking to find supplements that will improve your overall performance, health status and help you get a better and easier way to build muscularity.

You need a lot of nutrients to keep you moving and ingredients that will feed your muscles. We’ve all heard about the supplement company Muscle Tech. So far, they have provided several supplements that were both disappointing and not disappointing- decent at most.

Now, they present you with the intriguing Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx.The Vitamax Test is a Testosterone Booster, we have a certain expectancy for these kind of supplements. Let’s see whether or not those expectations can be met here.

What should you expect from this supplement? Well, by looking at the numerous nutrients that are used, we are thinking increased power, improved performance and a slight boost on your testosterone level. This is a multivitamin for men with a powerful formula that will provide you 20 Vitamins per day.

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Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx Ingredients

There are many ingredients inside of the Vitamax Test DX-7 Black Onyx Testosterone Booster, maybe even a little too much, but we will cover the most important.
Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx

Tribulus – an ingredient that will boost your testosterone level.

Green Tea Extract – this is a powerful natural ingredient that will improve your metabolism and will help you with weight loss by reducing your fat production.

Zinc – it will regulate the levels of testosterone and hormones and will improve your immune system. Also, it is a potent antioxidant and can improve any issue with your prostate.

Biotin – this one will help you with the burning of fats and carbohydrates.

Magnesium  – increasing magnesium will increase the level of testosterone.

Potassium – well, this is an essential nutrient and will regulate the function of your body.

Copper – this is strange because according to several studies, this ingredient actually reduces the testosterone.

Riboflavin – an aid to muscle growth and production of red blood cells.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – this vitamin will aid your body to transform carbohydrates into energy.

Vitamin A – this ingredient helps you with your vision and improves your health.

Vitamin B6  – a vitamin that stimulates androgen receptors (a steroid hormone) which leads to producing more testosterone in your body.

Vitamin E – another great Vitamin that is a big help for people with low testosterone.

Where to buy Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx

This Testosterone Booster is available online and on the official website of Muscle Tech. The good part is that it is not that expensive and it comes with a price of 29.99 US Dollars. Also, you get 120 capsules which you have to take 4 per day. Never exceed this number!

The price is really bringing hope and belief that this supplement is not actually a rip-off. There are a lot more expensive supplements that probably won’t work as the Vitamax. It is up to you whether you can buy it or not, but the ingredients are promising. Maybe not perfect, but at least it is good.

Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx Side effects

All in all, if you stick to the proper dosage and take 4 only per day with food, you shouldn’t experience any negative effects that might change your mind about this supplement.

However, there are some ingredients that are making us quite unsure about the Vitamax. For instance, it has crospovidone which increases the level of peroxide in your body.

Another thing is the FD&C Red No. 40 which is a coloring substance and several scientists believe that it is cancerogenesis. However, that is not yet completely proven and can be a false claim.

Our only certainty that there aren’t too many nutrients that will power you up and you will have to take at least one more supplement for energy and muscle growth. However, it is full of Vitamins and Minerals that will surely help your body and overall performance.

Vitamax Test SX-7 Black Onyx Review Results and Expected Effects

One thing is certain, this will be a good help for your workout and health. Is it the best supplement for men? Unfortunately not, but it is promising and the price is not that high. You can spend much more for a lot less and you will be disappointed.

There are of course too many ingredients, which had us thinking, is it necessary? We put our hope in Muscle Tech and we will try to believe that they made the right formula by putting that many ingredients.

If you want a Testosterone Booster to make you feel better and healthier, then this might be the one for you. However, it is not that promising when it comes to boosting your energy. We are not sure that it will help you get a ripped body, but it will improve you in other ways such as immune system, stamina, and performance.

As a Testosterone Booster meant to help you get your testosterone levels up there? Well, it’s definitely not one of the best. However, it should provide some mild benefits.

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