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Vintage Burn Fat Burner Review

Vintage Burn Fat Burner is a supplement that promises a variety of effects. Not only does it claim to help with weight loss, it is supposedly also able to suppress one’s appetite as well as provide an extra boost of energy that will allow one to expend more energy throughout the day.

This supplement was formulated in California and was manufactured by the Old School Labs company. The company claims that taking this supplement will allow one to burn fat constantly. It uses nine main ingredients, all which are supposedly formulated to allow one to reach their weight loss goals.

Vintage Burn Ingredients

As mentioned, there are nine different ingredients used in the making of this supplement. Each were chosen to be able to accomplish the promised results. Some of these ingredients you might already be familiar with – as they are actually rather popular ingredients used in other supplements.

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Green Tea Leaf Extract

This is an ingredient that has received a lot of use in regards to diet supplements. There are 330 milligrams of it per Vintage Burn serving (2 capsules), which is a little less than the amount that has been proven to be most effective.

To be exact “…significant effects in humans are noted only at high doses, such as 400-500mg.” This means that you might need to consume more than the 2 pills suggested on the label to be able to get the maximum results from this ingredient.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is something extracted from unroasted coffee beans. It’s much regular caffeine, however, there is a specific molecule that can be extracted from it called, chlorogenic acid. It’s often used as a weight loss ingredient, although how it’s meant to achieve this is unknown. There have been several studies done involving this particular subject matter, but nothing has resulted in any significant weight loss.

The recommended dosage is around 120 – 300 milligrams, which means that the 227 milligrams daily dose in the Vintage Burn supplement should be potent enough to be effective. However, the one study that had resulted in even just minimal weight loss had been conducted with a dosage of around 440-495 mg per day, over the course of 12 weeks.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones have actually proven to produce fat burning effects. These studies were done on rodents and in test tubes. Researchers had observed the effect of high concentrations of raspberry ketones in regards to weight loss in rodents and how the chemical interacted with a single fat cell.

No actual human study has been conducted and or tested, so there’s no way of knowing how effective it actually is, especially considering that high concentrations of it cannot be emulated. There are 200 milligrams of raspberry ketones per serving in the Vintage Burn supplement formula, which is the normal amount found in most supplements.

However, it’s necessary to note, that the studies that had been conducted on rats would translate into higher doses. Ranging around “…80-340mg/kg for humans” which translates to around “..870-3,700mg for a 150lb person.”


There are 150 milligrams of caffeine per serving of the Vintage Burn supplement, which should work just fine considering that there should be a good amount of caffeine already in the Green Tea Leaf extract. Caffeine is an ingredient that is widely used, as it’s been known to actually result in significant weight loss for lean people.

Its effectiveness on obese subjects are a little suspect, as well as its long-term effects. However, the 150 milligrams in the formula should still provide a good energy boost throughout the day.

Bacopa Leaf Extract

The existence of this ingredient in this formula is a bit curious. Rather than being known to be effective for weight loss, it’s more commonly used as something to improve cognition as well as decrease cortisol levels.

The addition of this is a thoughtful one, allowing the individual to be able to focus more throughout the day. Taking this supplement on an empty stomach is not recommended, as the 130 milligrams of it in the Vintage Burn formula might cause an upset stomach – which could lead to diarrhea, cramps, and even bloating.

Garcinia Fruit Extract

There is a molecule found inside of this fruit, called Hydroxycitric acid, that is known as an appetite suppressant that has been proven effective in rodents. However, similar effects have not been emulated within human studies – suggesting that the different constitution between humans and rats are at play.


Whilst chrysin is actually a known testosterone booster, oral supplementation of it has not been proven to be effective, if only because of humans seem to have a difficult time digesting- rendering it unusable.

Forskolin Root Extract

Much like Chrysin, this is meant to be a testosterone booster. Although unlike chrysin, this has not proven to be effective just yet. Research on humans must be done first, as its effects on the human body are unknown.

Where to buy Vintage Burn?

The pricing per container is a little higher than normal, around $57 per container. Although that might be the result of the larger-than-usual amount of servings inside of it. There are 60 servings in total (120 capsules), which means that following the recommended servings per day should make the container last for at least 2 months.

You can purchase the supplement only through Amazon, from Old School Labs.

Does it Work?

That’s a strong maybe. Some of the ingredients used in this supplement are actually known to work, like caffeine and green tea leaf extract. However, the presence of the other ingredients is a little shaky. Most of them have not actually been proven to be effective in humans or would require a higher dose to be actually effective.

Vintage Burn Fat Burner Review Conclusion

I can’t confidently recommend this, if only because there are better known fat burners out there that only use ingredients that have actually been proven to work. If you want to get to know those supplements you can check out our Top 3 Fat Burners review. At the top of this list is a supplement called Instant Knockout, which uses only scientifically backed ingredients.

Vintage Burn


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