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Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner and Muscle Toner Review

Cutting away excess annoying fat can be a hard process. But a decent fat burner can make it far easier for men and women alike. This Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner and Muscle Toner Review takes a look at Unicon nutrition’s fat burner for females.

The product looks absolutely great and there’s no doubt there is some good fat burning ingredients in here, but also some that aren’t exactly proven to be effective.

So if you want to get toned up and those abs showing, is Vulcan going to be the fat burner for you?

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Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner Ingredients

There is a decent ingredients profile on this fat burner. With a nice heavy dose of some key fat burning ingredients. There is however a number of ingredients that haven’t really been proven, or have been completely disproven to help with fat loss. 

Whilst this product should deliver a decent boost to your metabolism and a bit of energy, there is a lack of dietary support. Something crucial if you are wanting to lose weight.

Let’s break down the major ingredients that will do something;


L-Carnitine is a non essential amino acid that will allow the break down of long chain fatty acids. There is a good benefit to having this in a fat burner, especially one where you work out heavily.

You can use this ingredient to keep you fueled with more energy for the day.


This works by improving thyroid functioning and again allows the body more access to stored fat as energy.

It’s good, but again would require you to be working out fairly heavily to get the best results from it and is more at home in a pre workout.

Green Tea

A great fat burning ingredient and one that’s completely proven to work.

If you want to shed the fat, this ingredient helps by allowing the body to use more stored fat as fuel, but also provides a hit of energy and helps boost your metabolism.

A proven effective amount would be 400mg, so Vulcan is a little lacking. It’s good to see in here though.


A solid pre workout ingredient. Needed for an increase in metabolism, increased energy and better focus and endurance. Also one of the most well researched ingredients out there.

Why does this product only have 75mg? We’re not sure. It’d be good to have at least 150mg to keep you going through the day.


This ingredient is pretty controversial as it’s closer to Ephedrine, which is a banned substance and can be harmful.

We’d always avoid any fat burner with this in as ephedrine is very similar and on the FDA’s banned substance list. If you are buying, check your tolerance first.


This works extremely well at burning extra calories through thermogenesis and is a great addition to a fat burner.

For best results you need to supplement it regularly through the day. The 25mg in Vulcan is a little low, so may not get you the best results.

Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules per day. This isn’t enough for a fat burner. You need 3-5 per day to ensure you are keeping your metabolism high and body fueled with energy.

Those dose of key proven ingredients in this is a little low too, with a big focus on the l carnitine and not enough on caffeine, green tea or cayenne!

Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner Side Effects

You won’t really get any from this product. But we doubt you’ll get any really quick results from it either.

Theres also the problem of the synephrine, which if over dosed, or if you are sensitive to, can lead to some uncomfortable side effects. Just be careful!

Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner Cost

$49.99 sale price, normally $79.99 for 60 servings, which will last 30 days.

Our number #1 fat burner, suitable for women and men has a larger dose of key ingredients from this. It also offers dietary support and comes as 120 capsules per month.

This will ensure success and avoid any of the synephrine in this product.

Unicon Nutrition Vulcan Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a fairly weak fat burner that relies on amino acids. There are far better options for ladies out there and that offer more rounded approach to burning fat.

Alternatives that use proven ingredients and avoid any tiny doses, and come at a cheaper price.

If you are a women and wanting to look your absolute best, we recommend our current #1 female fat burner.

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