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Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Review

Ultrasine Hardcore promises to be one of the best fat burning products on the planet.  Our Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Review will take a full look at this product and see if it will deliver on this.

For an effective fat burner you need – energy, dietary support and a crucial metabolism boost. It’s clear from the ingredients profile in this product that it will get you some results.

But, we are alarmed at the use of a proprietary blend here. This makes it impossible to see the individual ingredients in this product. This is a tactic companies use to fill products with cheaper less effective ingredients and costs you serious fat burning results.

A proven fat burner can make you feel:

  • Shredded and sexy in just a few weeks
  • Energised and focused
  • Fuller at meal times and able to resist snacks

Remember when choosing a fat burner that’s right for you, you need to be completely dedicated to losing that weight.

Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients profile of this product contains some proven natural fat burners that are heavily featured in our top 3. This will get you results if they are dosed correctly, however due to them being hidden in a proprietary blend we cannot be sure.

There are also a couple of ingredients in here that can leave you prone to side effects if dosed wrong, again, we are unable to tell you if this will be the case as the blend hides what you are actually going to be putting in your body. Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Review Ingredients

Metabolism & Brown Adipose Activating Matrix

You may struggle to recognise some of the ingredients in this blend. Such as Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf and Aframomum. Thats because the most part of this blend is unproven herbs from different cultures.

It won’t come as a surprise for us to tell you that we already know most of the effective fat burning ingredients due to rigorous scientific study, and this hidden blend is lacking.

You will get some good metabolism boosting benefits from the Cayenne, however this could be under dosed.

Raspberry ketones you may recognise…but again this is a supplement that has no proven results on weight loss or anything! It’s just the product of some clever marketing.

Not a good start for Ultrasine Hardcore.

Powerful Energy, Mood & Satiety Boosting Complex

Now this is more like it. Caffeine is a great fat burning ingredient and one you absolutely need in your fat burner to help boost metabolism, increase energy and improve focus. The 300mg of this will get you some good results too.

Green tea is another scientifically proven fat burning ingredient. It works with your body to help the breakdown of stored fat. It’s also known for it’s high amount of antioxidants and ability to increase energy also.

Citrus Aurantium isn’t good. It’s largely unproven and it’s closely related to banned substance, ephedrene. If this is dosed wrong it could lead to some unwanted and troublesome side effects.

Yomhimbe is again largely unproven, but has been reported to aid with some dietary support, keeping you fuller and more satisfied for longer. We will let you decide this though!

So, the ingredients are just OK, will the dose be any good?

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Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Dose

2 capsules per day. Do not exceed 2 capsules in 24 hours.

This isn’t good for a fat burner. Especially one with 300mg of caffeine. For best results (and for this price) you want something that uses at least 4 capsules per day.

This keeps your metabolism fired up, energy levels high and prevents you eating as much. 2 servings just isn’t enough and as it’s blends, it could be that your just taking some horrible stimulant led capsule that will make you feel pretty bad. Not what you need when you are cutting weight!

Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Side Effects

There could be some, as the warning states do not exceed 2 in 24 hours. This is most likely due to the risky inclusion of citrus aurantium, an ingredient that could easily do more harm than good.

We’d be very careful and test our tolerance supplementing this for the first time. We’d suggest you do the same too!

Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Cost

60 capsules for $79.99 from gnc.com is the best deal we found.

This is very very expensive for 60 capsules and a proprietary blend though. We don’t like to trash things, but it’s almost a complete rip off.

You can get a much denser, unhidden and proven ingredients profile from our number #1 fat burner, which also has 120 capsules! Or just take a look at our top 3.

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Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a very expensive fat burning product. That has all the ingredients to make it cheap and ineffective. You’d be best staying very much away from it and looking at our top 3 fat burners instead.

Remember when you are buying a fat burner, NO HIDDEN BLENDS! Ultrisine Hardcore Fat Burner Review

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  • Highly effective appetite supression
  • Increased energy and metabolism
  • Laser focus 
  • Reduced calorie intake 

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