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Tyrant Supplements Blue Pill Review

Tyrant Supplements Blue Pill is a weight loss pill that essentially burns off fat. It works by transporting fat compounds to be broken down by the body, which will, of course, lead to weight loss. In addition to helping you lose weight by burning off excess weight, you will also be in better moods as a result of this effect.

You will also get the feeling of being full for longer, which will help you avoid the pits of unhealthy cravings that can really wreak havoc on your diet. The product promises these effects, and even offers a complete refund should you not be happy with the results you get when you start taking the supplement.

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Ingredients Tyrant Supplements Blue Pill

First that we notice that it uses a proprietary blend — which is never a good sign. It usually means that there is something the company wants to hide.

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No one knows exactly what is inside this blend, and it seems the brand behind this supplement don’t want people to know either. Normally we suggest staying away from supplements that list a proprietary blend instead of being straightforward with what is inside their supplement.

If it contained anything good, the ingredient would have been listed. Since it hasn’t, we can assume it’s either unsafe or just plain ineffective.

Amino Acid Complex

The Amino acids here can promote muscle growth through muscle protein synthesis. However, that is if the dosage is right. The dosage in this supplement is only 110mg, meaning that it is unlikely the amino acids will have too much of an effect.

Sadly, due to this and the proprietary blend, this ingredient list isn’t looking too good so far.


Creatine is amazing at improving your endurance and increasing your strength, but for that, you need to take doses of 1000mg or more (not all at once, though). It is a very popular and very effective pre-workout

Still, it is rather confusing why this is actually in this supplement. This supplement is promoted as a fat burner. Creatine is not effective at all when it comes to fat burning, which brings up the question of exactly why it is added to this supplement.


Caffeine is really great a burning fat while also increasing your levels of energy. It’s a staple in many weight loss supplements. However, there needs to be a sufficient amount of it in the supplement for the caffeine to actually have any effect.

In this case, there is only 5mg of caffeine in this supplement. That is very, very little. It’s essentially one sip of tea. It will likely have zero effect on your fat burning efforts.

Where To Buy?

Price: $25.99

The supplement costs $25.99 per bottle, and the main place you get it is on the company’s website. There are some specialist supplement stores that also stock the product if you would want to go that route, although that seems to be more of a case by case basis.

Tyrant Supplements Blue Pill Side Effects

From the ingredients we can see, there are not likely to be any significant side effects that will occur from taking this supplement. Especially as the Caffeine and Creatine are in such low doses that they will likely not have any effect period, let alone any serious side effects.

The problem is with the proprietary blend. There is a reason why we always from on supplements that contain proprietary blends. No one knows what is in there, so there are a whole lot of potential bad side effects that could occur.

If you want to be safe and take care of your body, you should never take a supplement that contains a proprietary blend. You never know what it is that you are really taking.

Conclusion — Tyrant Supplements Blue Pill

In summary, we would definitely not recommend this product. It uses a proprietary blend – which means that we can’t verify if it is safe, or if it is even effective. If the supplement was really all that good, they would have listed every ingredient instead of trying to hide things.

The ingredients they did tell us about don’t really inspire much hope either. So it’s a firm warning to avoid this supplement and to use something that will be a lot safer, a lot more trustworthy, and will actually be effective in helping you lose weight.

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