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Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Fat Burner Review

We know getting shredded is no easy task. But with a good quality fat burner, losing weight and cutting fat is a whole lot easier. There’s all sots of gimmick’s they’ll try sell you in the supplements industry, but nothing compares to a solid natural fat burner.

Twinlab’s fat burner promises intense thermogenic effects, keeping you burning extra fat through the day.

Ripped Fuel 5x has a natural ingredients, but sadly we cannot see the individual amounts of them as they are tucked away in a proprietary blend.

This is something supplement’s companies do to maximise profit and a lot of the time the product will be full of the cheaper less effective ingredients.

Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Fat Burner Core Ingredients

When you choose a fat burner you need to ensure it covers 3 major areas. 1st is a boost in metabolism, helping your body burn fat through the day.

Then it needs to work as an appetite suppressant. Lastly you need something that’ll boost mood and give you focus.

Ripped Fuel 5x has a small list of ingredients that sadly don’t look like they will offer all of the support required for you to lose weight. What’s more frustrating is that they are hidden behind a proprietary blend.

Skullcap Root

Some support this ingredients use in fat loss supplements as it’s thought it may help regulate insulin levels in diabetic patients.

There is some potential for a reduction of triglycerides causing weight loss in some people. However this is just speculation and shouldn’t be relied upon.


Cayenne is a good ingredient for a fat burner as the capsicum in it will cause your body to heat up.

The bodies reaction to this to cool itself down, this in turn burns calories away helping lose weight.

Rhodiola Rosea

This works in a similar way to Green Tea. In that it has an ability to mobilize fatty acids from adipose tissue.

This essentially means it can break down fat for energy. For this to be truly effective though, you do need to be following a fairly strict diet.

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Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Fat Burner Dose

We can’t see the exact doses of the key ingredients in this product. The dose of cayenne and rhodiola will be ok at 100mg each for results, maybe a little under dosed even.

The big problem comes with that there’s only 3 real ingredients in this product.

When you compare that to the 8-10 in our top 3 you can see what’s actually going to get you results.

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Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Fat Burner Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any side effects from Ripped Fuel as thankfully all of the ingredients are natural and safe.

The problem is that they are also in small doses and far from what’s required to make an effective fat burner!

Twinlab Ripped Fuel 5x Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is just so far from what you need from a proper fat burner.

The ingredients and even the doses of the ingredients are so limited you’ll only get limited results for your hard earned money.

You can get so much more from a fat burner if you are willing to buy a premium product that will dose you at a minimum of 4 capsules per day and only use PROVEN ingredients.

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