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Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Review

Burning fat IS an exact science when it comes down to supplements. Our Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Review will find out if this UK supplements company have got it right.

To get the most from a fat burner you need Thermogenic effects, an increased amount of energy, more focus and a suppressed appetite.

Thermo, is obviously focusing on the thermogenic effects to get your body burning extra calories.

The product looks pretty exciting and SPICY. Ultimately though, the ingredients list looks fairly small and with some unproven ingredients taking up the main dose.

Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients in here are all natural, which is great. You can also see exactly the amount of each ingredient. They’ve not hidden it all in a proprietary blend like some supplements.

It’s good to see a couple of proven ingredients in here too, these will get you the results.


Is a stimulant similar to caffeine, and has been used for exercise and performance for a long time. This is a solid natural ingredient as it will help boost your metabolism and also give you energy and focus. As there is no direct caffeine in this product, like most fat burners, this will have to do!

Garcina Cambodia

Supposedly n appetite suppressant.

There has been no evidence, and indeed no real reports of it working as something that can suppress an appetite and just a gimmick for companies to make money as ‘the next big thing’. While it’s completely right to have an appetite suppressant in a supplement, look for something that’s proven like Glucomannan.

Green Tea

A great fat burning ingredient and one that should be in any product you buy. Green tea helps with the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver and has been proven to aid as a fat burner.

A bonus is that it also contains caffeine and antioxidants. A must have in any fat burning product you buy.


Chromium helps regulate insulin and therefore works by preventing the body storing extra fat. This again is absolutely essential when you are trying to lose weight and is essential in any fat burning supplement.


An amino acid that can aid with the production of energy from fat. This is good to have in some fat burners if the dose is over 500mg. It’s generally found in pre workouts though, where you can get as much as 1000mg+ in a dose.

The 200mg in Trec Nutritions Therm isn’t high enough to be worth it unfortunately.

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Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Dose

4 capsules is a solid amount for an effective product. But remember for it to be fully effective you need the correct doses of the ingredients.

This product lacks a lot in terms of appetite suppressant and even misses on some basic thermogenic ingredients.

You may get some good results from the 600mg of green tea and the high dose of guarna, but everything else is a little on the low side.

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Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Side Effects

The high dose of Guarana (stimulant) may cause some restlessness, but we wouldn’t worry too much.

Other than that you are pretty safe with all of these ingredients and doses!

Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product has a couple of solid fat burning ingredients, but ultimately lacks in appetite surpression largely, as it uses an unproven ingredient.

The ingredients profile generally could be denser and doses looked at to get you serious fat burning results.

It’s not a bad looking product though, and is affordable, but don’t expect miracles like you would from our top 3 burners 😉

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Trec Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Review

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