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Could the Tragedy of Rich Piana be Avoided? – Opinion

Known as one of the most straight talking athletes in the fitness industry, Rich Piana made a huge name for himself.

Regularly talking openly about steroid use, the 46 year old Florida resident was recently found unconscious in his home after a phone call from girlfriend to emergency services.

Read more about the campaign to pray for Rich Piana, set up by Chantel.

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Piana would later die in hospital, after battling in a coma for a few weeks.

rich piana

It was tragic and there was a huge outpouring online of fans and people wanting to wish their support for his family.

Piana was a bodybuilding icon and legend and many saw him as THE bodybuilder of a generation.

But taking one look at Piana reveals a man consumed by steroid use. Yes, he had big muscles and was strong, but his open approach to using this banned substances made it feel all too casual.

Essentially Rich Piana’s death could have been avoided if he wasn’t so reliant on steroids and drugs to continually bolster himself as an ‘honest’ bodybuilder on roids.

The question is, that did this almost positive outlook on the use of anabolic steroids soften peoples view of it?

Sure pro bodybuilders and all of the golden era heroes used steroids, it’s a fact, but now has a new generation of would be lifters been inspired to do the same?

Steroids ain’t no joke, but since the boom in bodybuilding and supplements in general, the market is becoming a circus and plagued with dangerous and counterfeit products.

Rich Piana could’ve maybe prevented his own death, by treating this products with a little bit more respect. (Yes we know he wasn’t OTT about it, but maybe he should’ve been open, but quiet)

Was it the pressures to be the most honest guy in bodybuilding that led to him being taken at such a young age?

Steroids will always exist, but people need to know the complete risks and complete picture, before the generation who idolized Rich trip up and we see young lives taken.

You can leave your own tribute to Rich Piana on his Instagram.

RIP Rich Piana

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