We’re presuming you’ve misheard Instant Knockout as ‘Total Knockout‘ fat burner.

Luckily we can point you in the right direction as we have supplemented with this fat burning product in the past.

Total Knockout uses a combination of all natural fat burning ingredients to get you INSANE results when you are trying to lose weight and burn fat.

The product itself comes in a fist shaped bottle, awesome, right?

This is just the start though, inside Total Knockout are 10 powerful fat burning ingredients, that are clincally dosed and all backed by scientific studies to get you the fat burning results you need.

Full Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

Is Total Knockout fat burner, Instant Knockout?

We believe that’s what you are looking for yes! We have inlcluded Instant Knockout as our current number #1 fat burning product.

Check out our table of top 3 fat burners below to see if you recognize Total Knockout.

Once you get the right natural fat burner for you, you will experience:

  • A jaw dropping, shredded physique in a shorter time.
  • Find your abs at long last.
  • More energy, better moods and focus.
  • A better overall lifestyle.

When choosing a fat burner, you need one that is GUARANTEED to:

  • Increase Metabolism: Burn fat all day, every day
  • Provide Energy: Feel focused and alive
  • Offer Dietary Support: Resist the temptation to snack and avoid over eating
  • Have NO side effects


Company Website www.instantknockout.comwww.transparentlabs.com www.astralnutrition.com
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Energy Release
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We have done a complete review on Instant Knockout fat burner which we suggest you read before you purchase this number #1 fat burning supplement.

Remember, to make a fat burner work, be it Total Knockout or Instant Knockout, we recommend you are training at least 3 times per week.

When choosing a supplement you need to ensure it only uses natural ingredients, this way you can avoid any nasty side effects.

Luckily companies like Roar Ambition who make this fat burner list all of the ingredients and the scientific studies supporting their usage.

Full Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

We’re sorry this isn’t Total Knockout, as that is a product that doesn’t exist! But you’ve just found one better…