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Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Black Review

Getting shredded isn’t a secret. It takes hard work, time and the right fat burner to make things loads easier.

Top Secret Nutrition’s latest fat burner is Ab Igniter Black.

This product uses proprietary blends of natural ingredients to boost your metabolism, get you focused and provide you with more energy.

A proprietary blend is something you should normally avoid when choosing a supplement as you literally can’t see the individual doses of what’s inside.

This means that the company may have filled it with cheaper and less effective ingredients.

Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Black Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in Ab Igniter looks ok, with a mix of stimulants and thermogenics.

The product only uses natural ingredients, which is absolutely essential if you want to burn away fat. Natural products can be supplemented for longer, getting you better results.

Once again, it’s a sham they’ve hidden the individual doses of ingredients as this means you don’t know what you are putting inside your body.

Ginger Root

Ginger root has been known for its anti-inflammatory action, and when it comes to weight loss in particular, it can work in a similar way to Cayenne. It gives your body the much needed metabolism spike, which speeds up the process of fat burning. This is an ok alternative to Cayenne, but isn’t as effective.


Or club moss as it’s more commonly known has been shown to have some benefit for alzheimers disease, but there is very limited evidence for it’s use in a natural fat burning supplement.


Yohimbine is a bit of a risky ingredient. This is something we’ve come across before and would recommend avoiding. With stimulant effects not too dissimilar to caffeine it doesn’t make sense to have it in this product, when you already have the caffeine present.

What’s more annoying with this stimulant is you can’t actually see the amount you are taking in each capsule.


A solid ingredient to have in any fat burning product. Caffeine provides you with an increased metabolism and energy, so you will burn more fat through the day. But again, this needs to be dosed regularly to get the best results.


A third stimulant! Guarana is an amazonian plant that’s uses within the sports industry see it as a stimulant.

This plant contains caffeine. While it is a fairly good source of natural caffeine and something that is reasonably safe, it does need to be dosed right. You also might not need more caffeine if the Yohimbe and Caffeine are themselves dosed highly.

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Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Black Dose

There’s lots of stimulants in this product.

This could be problematic, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. It’s also frustrating that we can’t see a full list of ingredients and the amounts of them in this product.

You might want to be a little careful and check your tolerance to one capsule before committing to a full day as you could wind up with some unwanted side effects.

Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Black Side Effects

Side effects would potentially include headaches, nausea and energy crashes from the high levels of stimulants that appear to be in the product.

Whilst it’s good all the ingredients are natural, the balance just isn’t there to get you good results.

The heavy focus on stimulants means you will still be left feeling hungry and prone to energy crashes and low moods.

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Top Secret Nutrition Ab Igniter Black Review Conclusion

This product is let down by the fact they’ve hidden the amounts of some key ingredients.

They’ve also chosen to use a fair amount of stimulants in this supplement which would leave you prone to energy crashes and some side effects if you are not careful.

There are far better and more balanced fat burners available on the market at the minute that will get you far better results that Ab Igniter Black.

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