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Top 3 Fat Loss Shortcuts

Feeling flabby and want the fastest way to beat that fat?!

Fat loss can be easy. Especially with point #1.

With the abundance of unhealthy and processed food out there even an average person is at a full risk of getting overweight as these these things can be addictive too.

Many people have already gained a lot pounds and are looking to shed the fat off, which obviously happens when you exercise properly and follow a healthy diet. But is there any quicker way, something reminiscent to a shortcut so you can reach your weight loss goals quickly?

Yes! There exist three popular ways that really help in losing weight quickly. Read on to find out what those are:

#1 Fat Burner – They Work.

You probably would’ve seen this coming, us being a fat burner review site and everything, but we mention them for a good reason.

They are perhaps the most popular option out there for losing weight quickly. Fat burners are basically supplements formulated with ingredients that support or bring about weight loss through a variety of methods such as boosting metabolism, increasing body temperature and/or stopping adipogenesis (storage of fat in the body).

Though there are many fat burners that make use of experimental ingredients, there are many more who want to keep it safe by including ingredients that are proven to work and free of any stimulants too. We have mentioned which are the common ingredients used in most fat burners and if they’re safe.

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The Good

The obvious good thing about fat burners is that they’re effective.

Despite what many studies suggest, as long as you do your research before buying anything, you should be good to go.

There are many fat burners out there that make use of all-natural ingredients, while some use stimulants and some fat burners downright mention about using ingredients that are still experimental. Out of the three, we recommend the first two since they’ll most definitely work for you.

If you’re confused on which one to buy, we recommend taking a look out list of the top 3 fat burners out there.

The Bad

The bad, as you should know by now, is that almost every fat burner comes with some sort of a side effect.

That’s the baggage that you face with it’s effectiveness.

While side effects are easily avoidable, there are some that can be downright dangerous and has led to the death of many people. As we’ve mentioned in the good thing about fat burner, unless you’re experimenting on a product people have never heard of before, the amount of side effects you face are temporary and manageable

The second thing that isn’t exactly bad but still worth mentioning is that fat burning supplements, depending on which product you go for, can be expensive. But then again, even workout supplements like preworkout can cost a lot so it’s all about finding a balance between the two.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it’s upto you to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself but in our opinion, it’s one of the best investments you’ll make for your weight loss goals.

What you’ll need to take care of is that realize that it’s a supplement so a healthy diet and exercise is still called for, and to consult your doc before buying anything so that you can be sure if the particular fat burner won’t interfere with your current medication or your condition (if you’re suffering from any).

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Green Tea Fat Loss Shortcut

#2 Green Tea

Another popular option to lose weight and burn fat is to have green tea.

Originating from China, this beverage has gained recent popularity because it has been really effective in weight loss with minimal to no side effects.

The difference between green tea and it’s black and Oolong siblings is that green tea does not undergo the same oxidation process as the other two does, thus maintaining the amount of polyphenols it has which is the main reason why it’s much more effective at burning fat than other beverages.

But not all green tea is made the same, as there are different qualities and different variants available depending on the type of production and region. But as long as you see ones from reputable brands such as Lipton and Tetley.

The Good

There’s more than a few things which are good about having green tea. So much so that mentioning it’s benefits can take up an entire separate post by itself! But, to keep it as short as possible, here are a few to be aware about:

  • Catechins: Catechins are nothing but a group of polyphenols which are found in abundance in green tea. They are the ones that increase your metabolism and hence facilitate weight loss even after your workout. This is the primary reason that extracts of green tea are commonly used as an ingredient in a fat burner.
  • Caffeine: The most popular solution as a pick-me-up in the world has lately gotten a bad rep for causing issues with sleep, heart rate and bringing jitters to the body. However, for the most part that happens due to overconsumption of caffeine. Green tea only has mg of caffeine per 100ml which is mild dose but is enough to get you the energetic feeling sans any side effects.
  • Antioxidants: As you age you might gain wisdom but those signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines are a major pain in the butt. Green tea contains a ton of different antioxidants that have been proven to get rid of them and hence make your skin look much better! Moreover, antioxidants are also helpful in getting rid of the cancer-causing free radicals in the body.
  • Helps Against Allergies: The EGCG content in green tea is responsible for blocking the cell receptor which produce histamine and immunoglobin E (compounds responsible for bringing an allergic response to the body). This may not help in every kind of allergy that you might have but certain ones have been proven to be affected such as allergy to pollen, dust and pet dander.

The Bad

After hearing all of this one might think ‘what can be bad about green tea?’. Well, to answer your question: green tea can get expensive for you. Certain blends of green tea can get ridiculously costly at $75 per pound and there is a chance of you get a poor quality of green tea if you’re not buying it from a trusted brand or from a brand at all.

While these can be taken care of with proper research, another problem that you might have difficulty with is its taste. Some people have come to like the aroma and taste of green tea but for most people it just tastes bland. And this becomes especially problematic since you can’t add honey or sugar since that will bump up your calorie count: definitely not good for your diet or your weight loss regimen.

The Bottom Line

It should be obvious enough that green tea’s benefits far outweigh its cons. Review the brand you’re going for before, or be your own connoisseur and try out the different ones to choose what works best for you!

Green tea works well within fat burner supplements too, and the extract is commonly used. If you want success with a fat burner, you need to be sure Green Tea is in there!

It’s also good to mention it’s use has been studied and proven. 


#3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

If you’ve been into fitness and exercising for a while, you may have come across a term known as HIIT.

It basically stands for High Intensity Interval Training which, as the name suggests, is performing a high intensity exercise for a short burst which is then followed by the same exercise but with a lower intensity and for a longer period of time. This goes until you are too tired to continue and since these can get really exhausting, you should expect a typical HIIT session to only last 30 minutes or so.

HIIT has been studied and scientifically backed to work for fat loss so is an excellent and time saving way to ensure you are on the path to getting shredded.

The Good

As with the case of green tea, HIIT also excels at other aspects of your fitness:

  • Endurance: Consistently performing HIIT improves your endurance to a considerable margin. Though every exercise regimen does that as well, a few studies performed on HIIT have concluded that people have increased endurance on any type of exercise after having HIIT training for a significant amount of time.
  • Increased metabolism: A boosted metabolism is always good for you not only because of it’s obvious benefit of burning fat, but also because of it’s other physiological benefits like improved blood circulation and immunity.
  • Save Time: HIIT is perfect for those who have a busy schedule with not a lot of time to dedicate to fitness. Since a typical HIIT session lasts 30-45 minutes but burns the same or even higher amount of fat, it’s a recommended alternative to a regular workout session for those on a clock.
  • No Equipment: Though there are many exercises that might need a bar or some dumbbells, a lot of exercises that come within the scope of HIIT rely on your bodyweight as resistance, so you save money on a gym membership, equipment and traveling as well. Or even if you are a regular gym-goer, it can be a useful workout to do when you’re traveling or when the gym is closed.

The Bad

There are certain risks associate with this kind of interval training as well. First off, keep in mind that you should be regularly working out for a while before trying HIIT out or at the very least you should have a proper trainer to walk you through with the basics.

The reason being that the injury risk in HIIT training is higher than normal so people who don’t workout regularly or don’t workout at all shouldn’t just charge headfirst into the workout regimen.

Secondly, you’ll need to be prepared for feeling drained out during the earlier sessions. Even regular gym-goers dread an HIIT session as it’s very taxing and even though you can technically tone down the intensity to your liking, you probably shouldn’t if you want to burn some respectable calories out of the session.

However, after a few sessions you wouldn’t feel as tired and would recuperate rather quickly from it.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that HIIT can perhaps be the reason for the decline the next time you step on the scale but comes at a price of you feeling quite sore and tired after the workout. If you take the help of a trainer or a friend and are consistent with it for a few days, then you should see some very interesting results out of it.

So, these are pretty much our top 3 shortcuts to lose fat easily but we know for a fact that these aren’t the only ones out there! What, according do you, is a great shortcut to burning fat quickly? Share the knowledge with us in the comments below!

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