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Can you handle the power of a real fat burner? This top 3 fat burners list has taken a long time to put together.

You want to shred unwanted fat, you want to shred it fast. But it’s important to remember you want to shred with the BEST possible fat burner. Not only in terms of active ingredients and results, but in terms of customer service, value and NO side effects.

These are the current top 3 legal fat burners that money can buy.

Remember, if you want to see serious results, commit to 2+ months using a natural fat burner. No matter what the product. This extends the fat burning phase and ensures a longer, lasting fat loss. Here’s another list of the top rated fat burners in 2021. 

Current Best Fat Burner – Fighters Core

Fighters Core Rating

About Fighters Core

Fighters Core is an exciting fat burner that’s focused on helping you retain lean muscle, as well as targeting stores of fat. Revealing a leaner and stronger physique than most other products on this list.

The ingredients profile is strong with Fighters Core. It offers a well thought out dose of proven thermogenics, energy and mood boosters and also ingredients that impact fat breakdown and prevent fat being stored. 

It also protects muscle and stops any muscle wastage, with a chance you could build muscle whilst doing the correct workouts with the correct diet.

Simply put, Fighters Core is a modern and effective fat burner. And steps up the game considerably with it’s formula.

The Good

  • Target fat stores to burn as energy, getting you leaner
  • Improve energy and focus, feeling great through the day
  • Prevent extra fat being stored whilst cutting
  • Look and feel stronger during weight loss with muscle retention ingredients
  • 90 capsules, each perfectly dosed
  • Fast acting formula
  • Free Shipping

The Bad

  • Currently only available in the USA
  • Only available direct from www.fighterscore.com
  • Contains some stimulants
  • Premium price. Same as any good fat burner

-Order Direct from www.fighterscore.com-

#2 – Instant Knockout Fat Burner


About Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a product from Roar Ambition. This specialist supplements company have used 10 powerful natural fat burning ingredients to come up with this product.

This fat burner not only uses a scientifically backed ingredients profile, but contains a monster 4 capsule serving size. If you purchase a 3 month supply, you get an extra month free too. Which they GUARANTEE gets you results. 

Widely reviewed online and with a large amount of positive testimonials on YouTube, Instant Knockout is in our eyes worth the hype that surrounds it and so takes top spot in our top 3.

While Grenade Thermo Detonator and MusclePhram Shred Sport are both good fat burners, they lack the range of proven ingredients and product quality of Instant Knockout.

3 Months Cutting. 3 Days a week training. Fairly clean diet.

Read our full review (5 minutes) or check the summary:

Cutting with Instant Knockout leads you to see some good reduction in fat at around the 2 week mark. Making this the quickest fat burner available. 

This is rapid compared to most other products and is due to the high doses of key ingredients. You’ll notice the weight loss around your face and lower stomach.

Moving on from the 2 week initial period of supplementation we started to not just see noticeable results, but felt absolutely great. More energy, focus and very comfortable.

At the end of the first month you’ll have lost a fair few pounds, but also feel revitalized and healthy. Making you enjoy your shredded and toned physique.

For best results you can supplement for 2-3 months. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle.

The good:

  • Cut your fat faster than ever, with scientifically backed ingredients
  • Buy 3 boxes get 1 free offer includes free shipping.
  • Stay focused, with more energy and LESS appetite
  • Full body fat burn, 24/7 from high 4 capsule dose
  • Fast worldwide shipping from inside the US and UK
  • 90 day returns policy on multi box deals.
  • 4 doses per day (120 capsules) for a reasonable price
  • Suitable for males and females

The bad:

  • Due to high demand stock can run out. Act fast if you can get it.
  • 4 capsules per day can be annoying to remember
  • Only available from www.instantknockout.com
  • Caffeine can occasionally impact sleep if taken too close to bed
Instant Knockout Guarantee
Instant Knockout Guarantee

-Read Our Instant Knockout Review-


-Visit Instant Knockout.com-

3 – ShredCBD

“A completely new and fully effective approach to fat loss. Packaged in a supplement that can improve all aspects of your life. 5/5”

ShredCBD WhatFatBurner

A brand new CBD based fat burner, completely legal and does way more than just help you cut back unwanted fat! Visit www.shredcbd.com to hear more…

The Good:

  • Feel Effects within the first 2 days 
  • Targets stored fat
  • Reduces appetite (ironically)
  • No side effects associated with cannabis
  • Completely legal
  • 1200mg Premium CBD Isolate
  • Green tea and Garcina Cambogia
  • cGMP Approved and Made in the USA

The Bad:

  • Premium pricing ($69)
  • Sold direct only from www.shredcbd.com
  • Only available exclusively to the USA
  • Long secure checkout process

About ShredCBD

CBD is the new kid on the block when it comes to supplements, and its something, that when taken in a capsule form at the right dose can deliver awesome results. We love ShredCBD because they take the power of CBD isolate and combine it with Green Tea and Garcina, both natural and proven cutting ingredients.

It’s not going to have you trembling and full of caffeine like other supplements, but instead offer a good amount of support when you are cutting back unwanted fat.

– Read our ShredCBD Review-


-Visit ShredCBD-

2. Grenade Thermo Detonator – Close 2nd, Bigger Dose Required


This is the most high profile fat burner of our top 3. While Grenade has a lot of merits and is widely used, with a little research you’d find yourself looking for something with more proven ingredients in it. One thing we do love about Grenades offering is the brand though. It looks great.

Grenade Fat Burner
4 Months. 4 sessions a week with resistance training.

Read our full review (5 minutes) or check the summary:

The good:

  • Premium brand
  • Green Tea is a proven fat burner
  • Used by athletes, works well with heavy gym sessions
  • Grenade offer support on MACRO counting
  • Widely available

The bad:

  • Small Daily Dose
  • Citrus aurantium can cause interactions and side effects with caffeine
  • No guarantee
  • Some side effects reported due to ingredients interacting

-Visit Grenade.com-

3. Musclepharm Shred Sport


Last in our top 3 is Musclepharm Shred Sport, this fat burner was previously number #1, but just couldn’t better Instant Knockout or Grenade Thermo Detonator.

Shred Sport was a good fat burner that was trialled again recently, but ultimately, to get the better results, you need to be training 4+ times per week and training hard.

This is to make use of the amino acids in the product, such as the Theacrine. Overall, you are going to get better results from our #1 and #2.

Read our full review (5 minutes) or check the summary:

The good:

  • Caffeine, Green tea, Black pepper
  • Affordable price
  • Looks great
  • Trusted company

The bad:

  • Need to be training HARD to make work
  • Amino acids could be dosed higher
  • Serving isn’t spread evenly
  • Some side effects reported due to ingredients interacting.

-Order Shred Sport.com-

  1. Jane says

    I have read through several fat burner review lately because I need an active fat burner supplement for my mum. This is just so appealing and I’m glad I found this now; it really brought a great relief to me. I’m sure going to give the Instant Knockout a try. Thanks for the info.

  2. Mia Cole says

    Yeah! I know Instant Knockout so well. It’s one of my ever-trusted supplements for burning fat while I was in service. But now, I have relocated and couldn’t find anywhere to get one again. Thank you for this fat burner review, please how can I get the Instant knock out again?

  3. Cindy Mathew says

    As for me, I prefer the PhysiqueSeries over the Instant knockout for burning fat. Though many fat burner reviews may tell you otherwise. It has this special ingredient included in it that do get me on a good mood every time I take the fat burner supplement. The unusual feelings I do have while taking other fat burner supplements was completely taken off.

  4. Izvorul Ascun says

    I’m surely going to give the Instant Knockout a try. I love the assurance you gave on the ‘money back’ policy. However, I hope it help me burn some fat and lose weight even before the three months you stated so that there will eventually be no need asking for a refund. Thanks.

  5. Rita Matic says

    What irks me about fat burner supplements is the stomach bloating feelings I get from their use. I really want to try this Instant Knockout too and hope the story actually changes this time around.

  6. Gemma says

    If you ask me which is the best of all the fat burner supplements I had taken before, I will tell you it’s the PhysiqueSeries. It was recommended for me by my cousin, Janet. I actually doubted the supplement at first, but it gave an incredible result after few weeks. Am glad I found this product.

    1. Fat Burner James says

      We’re glad you like it Gemma. As with any fat burner you just need to stick at it and keep your diet clean whilst doing some bits of exercise. To work out how best to burn away fat, you need to ensure you are in a calorie deficit. A calorie calculator is a great way of doing this, see one here – http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

  7. Rachael Jens says

    What I really need now is a working fat burner supplement that works. I have had enough mouth-washing commercials about many fat burner reviews that eventually turned to be worthless. But I want to ask; can I get 2 of these products and combine their effect? I mean, can I actually use both of them at the same time?

    1. Fat Burner James says

      We wouldn’t recommend it. Just buy one fat burner and follow the instructions. We got the best results from using Instant Knockout.
      Remember to keep your diet clean.

      We don’t do commercials round here, not sure we understand that! Just real fat burner reviews 🙂

      Check the Instant Knockout review out:

      Instant Knockout score

    2. Cynthia Patel says

      I really don’t think its right Rachael. I used Instant knockout and it worked well for me. I saw great result after using the first 120 capsules. You can also try it out or you go for the Thermaxin Thermo Enhancer if you are a bit low on cash; it also works well.

  8. Vicky says

    If it involves voting I’d vote for Instant knockout as the best fat burner supplement out there. I love it because it completely takes off the usual side effects that do follow many fat burner supplements. I won’t have to worry myself of sleeplessness because I want to burn fat. It can be so annoying!

    1. Fat Burner James says

      Just make sure you don’t take it too close to bed!

  9. Perpi says

    Just 120 capsules and 4 doses per day? That’s apparently around a month use. You mean I can actually lose this disgusting fat in just a month? I can’t wait to get this fat burner supplement. Or am I missing something?

  10. Rachael Mills says

    Hmm, was thinking of going for transparent labs physique series instead of instant knockout but I can see here that everybody that has used instant knock is giving a good review so I think I will also try it out regardless of the price.

  11. Bia Ali says

    It worked perfectly well for me! I couldn’t believe there could be such a fat burner supplement that works so fast until I tried instant knockout. I thought it was expensive, but it’s really worth the price.

    1. Fat Burner James says

      Lot’s of people think it’s expensive. We are glad our recommendation got you those results though.

  12. Gail Val says

    The Instant knockout fat burner supplement actually worked. But to make sure I get the most out of this supplement, I went farther than what the fat burner review said. I combined exercise (up to 3days in a week) and good diet with it. The result afterwards was totally incredible.

  13. Fareha Linu says

    The rigorous exercises being recommended to me all the time in my quest to burning fat was just something else. I decided to settle for a fat burner supplement. I was lucky at my first pick; I actually got the best fat burner. The PhysiqueSeries was just perfect for me. It’s really worth the price.

  14. Ashley Sambrano says

    I think PhysiqueSeries should top the list. Anyway, I did not use Instant Knockout while trying to see the best fat burner supplement. I went straight to PhysiqueSeries and I think it should top the list of fat burner supplements following the kind of effectiveness it offers.

  15. Luciana Jack says

    I am 3 months pregnant but I want to shed some of these unpleasant fats before my baby comes. I will like to know if this fat burner will have any side effect on me or my baby. I will appreciate your response to this effect. Many thanks!

  16. Anna says

    Hi guys,

    i have never posted on things like this before but here goes.

    i am currently following a joe wicks lean in 15 fat burning diet and it’s not been too good. i have found your list to be the best and most honest when it comes to fat burners so far and have put an order in for instant knockout.

    (i tried fit affinity, but it was a waste of my time and money)

    my big question is how well do you think this fat burner will work with the joe wicks lean in 15 stuff? i do workouts around 3 times per week at home and then i try go to the gym once too.

    im looking to just burn away fat from around my tummy. i know nutrition is key, but im really hoping instant knockout works with nutrition.

    thanks for this list of top 3 fat burners anyway, its very helpful and your fat burner reviews are easy enough for even me to understand!

    look forward to hear more. heres a good joe wicks workout for doing too if anyone needs one –


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