Can you handle the power of a real fat burner? This top 3 fat burners list has taken a long time to put together.

You want to shred unwanted fat, you want to shred it fast. But it’s important to remember you want to shred with the BEST possible fat burner. Not only in terms of active ingredients and results, but in terms of customer service, value and NO side effects.

These are the current top 3 legal fat burners that money can buy.

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Your Score (Average) 4.753.63
Appetite Suppression 534
Energy Release453
ShippingWorldwideRetailer DependantRetailer Dependant
Guarantee 90 Day + Free Box and T ShirtNoNo
Price $59.00$59.04$29.38
Side EffectsNone reportedSome, mildSome, mild
Overall Score5/54/53/5

.1 Instant Knockout Fat Burner – Big Dose, Proven Results


About Instant Knockout


Instant Knockout is a product from Roar Ambition. This specialist supplements company have used 10 powerful natural fat burning ingredients to come up with this product.

Widely reviewed online and with a large amount of positive testimonials on YouTube, Instant Knockout is in our eyes worth the hype that surrounds it and so takes top spot in our top 3.

While Grenade Thermo Detonator and MusclePhram Shred Sport are both good fat burners, they lack the range of proven ingredients and product quality of Instant Knockout.

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The good:

  • Cut your fat faster than ever, with scientifically backed ingredients
  • Stay focused, with more energy and LESS appetite
  • Full body fat burn, 24/7 from high 4 capsule dose
  • Fast worldwide shipping from inside the US and UK
  • 90 day returns policy on multi box deals.
  • 4 doses per day (120 capsules) for a reasonable price
  • Suitable for males and females

The bad:

  • Due to high demand stock can run out. Act fast if you can get it.
  • 4 capsules per day can be annoying to remember
  • Only available from
  • Caffeine can occasionally impact sleep if taken too close to bed

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2. Grenade Thermo Detonator – Close 2nd, Bigger Dose Required


This is the most high profile fat burner of our top 3. While Grenade has a lot of merits and is widely used, with a little research you’d find yourself looking for something with more proven ingredients in it. One thing we do love about Grenades offering is the brand though. It looks great. We couldn’t find as many testimonials online and when we used it experienced some sides effects.

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The good:

  • Premium brand
  • Green Tea is a proven fat burner
  • Used by athletes, works well with heavy gym sessions
  • Grenade offer support on MACRO counting
  • Widely available

The bad:

  • Small Daily Dose
  • Citrus aurantium can cause interactions and side effects with caffeine
  • No guarantee
  • Some side effects reported due to ingredients interacting

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3. Musclepharm Shred Sport


Last in our top 3 is Musclepharm Shred Sport, this fat burner was previously number #1, but just couldn’t better Instant Knockout or Grenade Thermo Detonator.

Shred Sport was a good fat burner that was trialled again recently, but ultimately, to get the better results, you need to be training 4+ times per week and training hard.

This is to make use of the amino acids in the product, such as the Theacrine. Overall, you are going to get better results from our #1 and #2.

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The good:

  • Caffeine, Green tea, Black pepper
  • Affordable price
  • Looks great
  • Trusted company

The bad:

  • Need to be training HARD to make work
  • Amino acids could be dosed higher
  • Serving isn’t spread evenly
  • Some side effects reported due to ingredients interacting.

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