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Tone it up Review

Everyone wants that bikini-ready body. But not everyone wants to go through the hassle of attending a studio class or meeting up with a personal trainer. So what is there for you to do? Our Tone it up Review will be looking closely into a supposed solution to that problem.

Is it too good to be true?

What is the Tone it up?

In order to answer that question, we’re going to have to look a little deeper. The Tone it up Program doesn’t seem too heavily embellished. By that I mean, it doesn’t seem too complicated.

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There’s nothing about it that pops out as unique or groundbreaking. I can say that it’s forward-thinking at least. They put a lot of attention on social media marketing, and it seems to be doing wonders for them.

It promises to change the direction of your current fitness-standing and get you back to where you need to be. That actually seems like a fair and dependable bet. Of course, we decided to try this out ourselves, just to be sure that we’re giving you the best possible understanding of how the product works.

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Who Presents the Tone it up?

The first place we checked out is their official website. Looks simple enough, nothing too complicated. It fits their aesthetic and matches the lovely ladies that started up this program.

You might actually be aware of them, perhaps not in the fitness or bodybuilding sense, but because they’re both quite popular on social media. 

People have called them the Tone it up gals, but you might know them better by their real names, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. Now, it should be said that not all of the courses are done by them. They do have a couple of people that they personally trained to do some of their studio classes.

Ultimately, it makes sense that the Tone it up is such a popular program. Especially with these two girls manning the ship.

What Exercises are in the Tone it up?

Tone it up Review 1

I think it’s best that I start this portion with a sort of disclaimer. The workouts that the Tone it up program uses are not bad- necessarily. However, it’s also nothing that we haven’t already seen a couple of dozen times.

Let me introduce you to the some of the features:

  • The first thing that they mention on their website is dance. It’s a pretty fun way to keep your body loose and your calorie count low. However, it’s not necessarily something that will build the kind of lean muscle mass that we’re looking for. It’s definitely fun and amusing, so we’ll give it that.
  • A curious little addition here is kickboxing. We don’t mean curious in a bad way either, just that it was unexpected. Much like dancing, it’s a fun way of working out, but not necessarily something that will keep you shredded.
  • Of course, they managed to fit in Yoga as well. Yoga is a fairly popular method of exercise. It’s relaxing and it certainly gets your body stretched out in all the right places.
  • However, the strongest contender here has to be the HIIT training. Again, not something that we don’t see everywhere else, but it is an effective way of losing fat.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Just as there are good things about something, there are bad things too.

Let’s start with the positives first! Okay so, for the most part? It seems pretty chill. They don’t make any flashy claims that scream false. So that’s good. They’re honest about their product and they paid attention to what their customers would see as fun.

Of course, that doesn’t negate all the “Cons” that pop up. I think I’ve said it several times here already, but it’s really not something that you don’t already see everywhere else. See, for me, if I’m going to fork out the money that they’re asking for? Well, I better be getting something that no one else is getting.

How much is Tone it up Worth?

The thing that really shook me was the price point. It’s a year-long membership, so maybe that makes it worth it, but it’s still asking me to pay $150 upfront. That’s a lot of money for a service that may or may not even work for me.

Our top workout guide costs around $90 and comes with unlimited life time access. It’s represents far better value and is far more clear in what you’ll be getting. You do need a gym though.

Tone it up Results

I’m going to fair here. The Tone it up does give results. Losing weight with this kind of program is a given, but does that mean that I got the results that I was looking for? Nope.

Tone it up Review Conclusion

I might have been overly harsh throughout this review, but the Tone it up wasn’t all that bad. There’s a reason why it’s doing the same thing everyone else is doing. It gets results. However, whether those results are worth the $150 that they’re asking is another question altogether.

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