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TKO Fat Burner Mega Review

TKO Fat Burner Mega Review product for this Austrialian made, powdered fat burner drink.

The company behind TKO Mega are a relatively small supps business who focus on the Malaysian/Aus markets especially.

The big question is though, is is this supplement going to help you shred down and reveal an awesome six pack. And will it be able to take the number #1 fat burner off its top spot.

The product looks and feels pretty good, it’s also good that it’s got shipping to most local areas. Our number #1 does ship worldwide though, and is made in the US but can only take a week to get to Malaysia etc.

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TKO Fat Burner Mega Main Ingredients

The ingredients profile of this is very basic and old looking. There are some fairly good ingredients at improving strength and, but generally this product is very weak, with small doses.

If you want a proven fat burner with quick worldwide delivery and 10 clinically dosed and effective ingredients you need to be looking at our number #1.

There’s a lot of unproven things in here too, natural ingredients that remain largely untested and under dosed. DON’T GET SCAMMED. 


People in the fitness community trust L-Carnitine and it has been proven by studies to promote fatty acids crossing mitochondrial membranes, speeding up the process of energy burned as fat. You need about 1000mg to get the best results with this product only having 100mg.

TKO Fat Burner Mega is massively under dosed so you won’t get the best results from this.


Chromium is good to see in here, although a little overdosed. It works by helping regulate insulin levels and fat storage in the body. About 150mg is enough to do this. Anymore is a waste of money and won’t get you results.

Garcinina Extract

Studies have found that this ingredient does not work for weight loss when supplemented. Whilst there are some studies that say HIGH supplementation could lead to some minor results, ultimately supplementation of this product didn’t work for those in trials that have been run on it.


A stimulant. This is generally used to boost cognitive function and found in high amounts inside egg yolks.

There have been a few studies done on this ingredient, however none actually yielded any cardiovascular or cognitive benefits. Another problem with this ingredient is that depending on an individuals tolerance, a wrong dose has been known to cause headaches.

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TKO Fat Burner Mega Dose

2 capsules per day in some, or 1 scoop in others. This will not get you the results you need to burn fat.

The only good ingredient in this the Chromium, even then the dose is too high so it’s a waste of money.

To get the best results you need to be supplementing a product with 4 capsules per day. All the best fat burners have this. This ensures you are keeping your body dosed with the correct amount of fat burning vitmains for the supplement to work to get you a six pack and looking and feeling great.

TKO Fat Burner Mega Side Effects

You may get some side effects from the choline, so check your tolerance of this.

Other than this though we doubt that the dose of anything is high enough for you to get any positive or negative fat burning effects.

TKO Fat Burner Mega Cost and

RM 160.00 or $35. This is fairly expensive for something with such small servings. 

You could pay a little more for our #1, which has worldwide delivery, and get far better, real fat burning results.

TKO Fat Burner Mega Review Conclusion

This is a fairly poor product and it’s ingredients are lacking. For a proven fat burner at a similar price you should be checking out our #1.

You may get some slight results from this, but it will take you a very long time.

Remember for best results you need a regular dose of a proven blend. This could be a cheaper alternative to your fat loss problems, but it just won’t be as effective.

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