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Time 4 Nutrition Time 4 Burn Review

Time 4 Nutrition’s Time 4 Burn is a good looking fat burner.

Remember, when you are choosing to buy a fat burner you need a solid set of natural ingredients. All backed by scientific studies and clinically dosed.

The only way you can quickly burn away fat is if the product offers:

  • A boost in metabolism  – Burn fat through the day
  • Increased energy and focus – Stay on track with diet and fitness goals
  • Appetite suppression – Consume less calories, store less fat

This product looks to have a range of ingredients that will hit a few of these major areas for you, but some that may cause slight side effects.

Time 4 Nutrition Time 4 Burn Core Ingredients

There’s a good looking set of ingredients in this product. All natural and most have proven fat burning benefits.

It’s great to see individual amounts of ingredients listed too and no proprietary blends in sight. When choosing a fat burner it’s important you avoid any supplements that don’t give you a full list of the amounts of their ingredients.

By doing this you can avoid being ripped off and any potential side effects.


This ingredient is a seed that contains more caffeine than coffee beans. As caffeine, it promotes the alertness, improves your energy and helps to boost your performance.

The problem is not the ingredient by itself, instead, it is the vast amount of caffeine in total in the supplement.


Another stimulant in the supplement. That again will boost energy and metabolism and performance. Be a little wary of your tolerance, as with the guarna and other ingredients this could be quite strong.

Green Coffee Bean

Good at helping switch off the bodies fat storage switch and also providing an amount of energy. This is an essential natural ingredient for a fat burner.

Citrus Aurantium

This is where the heavy amount of stimulants is slightly problematic for you.

Citrus aurantium is a stimulant itself. It is is also known for being similar to banned substance ephedrine.

There are a few reports of side effects when citrus aurantium interacts with caffeine, so again, check your tolerance.

Green Tea

Another essential ingredient in any fat burner you buy. Green tea helps the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver and the usage of stored fat as energy.

You need around 500mg of it to get the best results, so Time 4 Burn is a little under dosed.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are great at optimizing the way the body uses food and stored fats as energy. But they are needed in heavy doses to be properly effective and some are unproven when it comes to burning fat.

If you want a dose of amino acids, we’d recommend looking for an amino acid supplement on it’s own.

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Time 4 Nutrition Time 4 Burn Dose

2 capsules, twice per day. After you’ve check your tolerance with 1 capsule twice in a day.

This is an ok dose, but it’d make more sense for it to be spread. Remember, you’re going to be getting a MASSIVE dose of stimulants with this product.

An effective fat burner doesn’t rely on thermogenic effects of stimulants, but also needs to suppress appetite and improve mood and focus!

Time 4 Nutrition Time 4 Burn Side Effects

You could get some unwanted side effects from Time 4 Burn.

The heavy use of stimulants means you’ll certainly feel wired after supplementing, but also feel some energy crashes. Far from ideal.

What’s worse is citrus auranitum has been known to interact with other stimulants and cause nausea and headaches.

There are better, side effect free fat burners out there for a little more money. We’d recommend shopping around a little more.

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Time 4 Nutrition Time 4 Burn Review Conclusion

We like the way the product looks and brand.

We also like some of the ingredients. But the dosing issues and potential side effects mean it falls short of the mark of any of our top 3 burners.

There’s just too many stimulants at too higher dose for this to be truly effective for you.

(It only JUST scores 3 out of 5 for the way it looks!)

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