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Thermogen Fat Burner Review

Thermogen is a new introduction by Bio-Synergy that claims to integrate a unique blend of high quality herbal ingredients stimulate fat burning. Let’s take a closer look at what it packs in, and if it is really worth it.


Like most other weight loss supplements, Thermogen comes in a rich black bottle, and with flourescent yellow and whites going on it, it does make a stark contrast and looks catchy, but not that appealing. It could have done a lot better in terms of design.


The downside to Thermogen is that it doesn’t talk a lot in detail about its specific ingredients, though it does highlight it enough. Let’s dig a bit deeper and explore the individual ingredients that make it up, and explore their effectiveness in speeding up weight loss.

This is a proprietary blend. Avoid if possible as you do not asfaqwaknow what you are paying for! 

Yerba Mate Extracts

Just like green tea, Yerba mate has recently gained a lot of importance in the field of natural health. It has been found to contain antioxidants which improve health by targeting free radicals in the body, and when consumed in the correct dosage, it can work as a wonderful natural appetite suppressant. In addition, it also packs in 24 vitamins and minerals, all of which help boost the metabolic rate of the body, thereby speeding up the body’s fat burning process and contributing to faster, more effective weight loss.

While there are no huge studies backing this one up, smaller studies have confirmed that it indeed, helps suppress appetite and induce calorie control, which is one of the best ways to tackle compulsive eating and binge eating.

Kola Nut Extracts

Kola nut is a caffeine rich nut that does a lot when combined with other ingredients and taken as a weight loss supplement. For starters, it gives the body a good kick of energy, and boosts circulation of blood throughout the body. Some health experts claim that the extracts of these nuts can bring more oxygen into the body, which naturally detoxifies the body and also improves concentration.

A recent study has revealed that their extracts can help control appetite surges, thereby stimulating weight loss.

Guarana Nut Extracts

The extracts of Guarana nut have been used to boost athletic performance and stimulate fat burning since a long time, so its no surpriseThermogen also packs this one!


The ideal dosage according to the package is 2 pills taken 3 times a day, at regular intervals with water. Now this dosage does seem to be a bit too much, since that accounts for 6 pills a day.




Thermogen is priced at £21.43 for a bottle containing 60 capsules, and considering the dosage being 6 capsules a day, the bottle lasts for just 10 days, which doesn’t make it exactly a value for money deal.


All in all, Thermogen could have done a lot better than this to make it to our list of top 3 fat burners. The packaging could have been improved and a clear list of ingredients along with their individual quantities could have been provided to make things look better.thermogen

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