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Thermo-5 Fat Burner Review

Thermo-5 by Kinetica is possibly the revolutionary new product that could work well for individuals attempting to lose weight and get back in shape. Let’s delve deeper and understand its highs and lows.


The Thermo-5 may be great in terms of its components and ingredients, but it could have done a lot lot better in terms of its packaging. It has a pastel blue bottle with an interplay of reds and navy blue, and the packaging itself could be a possible deal breaker for people who tend to judge a book by its cover.


Thermo-5 packs in some of the most powerful ingredients out there that could make it the potentially unbeatable fat burner supplement ever known. Let’s take a closer look at it.scdfg

Thermogenic Complex

The thermogenic complex packs in a blend of green tea, L-carnitine, guarana, cayenne, apple cider vinegar and bitter orange peel extracts, all of which work exceptionally well when it comes to stimulating fat burning.

Metabolism Stimulator

The metabolism stimulator complex contains a blend of cocoa bean, yerba mate, acetyl L-tyrosine and alpha lipoic acid, which literally boost metabolism to an amazing level all together. When combined together, each of these ingredients gets a boost in terms of potency, and they tend to work better when it comes to burning fat than they would if they were taken separately.

Hormone Matrix

The hormone matrix contains l phenylalanine, l arginine, chromium and cinnamon in small amounts. These hormones help control hunger and reduce appetite, which make it the perfect ingredient for a fat burning supplement.

Enzyme Complex Support

The enzyme support complex contains minute amounts of the major B vitamins. B vitamins are among the most underrated vitamins, and their deficiency can affect health and weight loss in specific, in more ways than one.

Antioxidant Support

The antioxidant support blend, which is by far, one of the best to be added to a weight loss supplement, contains cocoa, fennel, green tea, black pepper and folic acid. The antioxidant power gives the body an extra dose of health, aids the natural detoxification and also fights free radicals.


According to Kinetica, the tolerance levels for the Thermo-5 differ from person to person, and the best way to assess that for yourself is to take 2 tablets on an empty stomach around 40 minutes before your breakfast or lunch, and repeat the same once again during the day- that makes it a total of 4 tablets a day.




Thermo-5 is priced at £21.93 for a bottle containing 120 tablets, which is modest considering the value it packs in.


All in all, the Thermo-5 is a great choice for a weight loss supplement thanks to its powerful ingredients. While it didn’t make it to our list of the top 3 fat burners, it is still worth a buy if you’re looking for a reliable and safe fat burning supplement that does its job well and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet too.

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