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TF7 Labs Antidote Fat Burner Review

Is this antidote going to cure your fat? Or at least burn it?

TF7 Labs certainly get one thing right, the product looks great. But sadly for an effective fat burner you need more than a strong brand.

You need a blend of natural, effective ingredients to allow you to torch away unwanted fat 24/7.

A solid fat burner should also provide you with energy and mood support whilst suppressing your appetite, stopping you taking on extra calories.

Let’s take a closer look at Antidote and see if it’s 6 ingredients will help you cut back fat.

TF7 Labs Antidote Fat Burner Core Ingredients

The ingredients list in this product is a little small. There’s a big focus on stimulants too, with little in the way of proven thermogenics and appetite supression.

It’s good to see an amino acid in here, as they can be effective at utilizing energy more effectively, especially if you are training hard.

The ingredients are also all natural, which is another positive, this means you can generally take a product for longer and without side effects. Our top 1 and 2 fat burners are prime examples of exceptional natural formulas.

Caffeine 200mg

A staple of any fat burner. 200mg is a reasonable dose to get your metabolism boosted so you burn extra fat. Ideally though, you want 200mg spread through the day and not as a single serving. This ensures you avoid side effects.

Caffeine can also help you boost your mood and stay focused.

Bitter Orange 150mg

Aka Bitter orange. This is similar in chemical nature to ephedrine. Something that is very dangerous and actually a banned FDA substance. We do not recommend any supplement that contains Citrus Aurantium as there are proven studies that show it interacts negatively with caffeine.

150 mg is a high dose of this too, so just check your tolerance.

Guarana 50mg

This ingredient is a seed that contains more caffeine than coffee beans. As caffeine, it promotes the alertness, improves your energy and helps to boost your performance. The problem is not the ingredient by itself, instead, it is the other amount of stimulants in total in the supplement.

Green Tea 10mg

Our #1 fat burner has 500mg of green tea in it. 10mg is going to do very little.

Green tea would normally work by helping your body to break down fatty acids in the liver. This uses more stored fat as energy through the day. It’s been widely researched and proven to work and should be on your shopping list for a good fat burner.

L-Carnitine 2mg

L-Carnitine can help the body make the most of energy gotten from food and operate more efficiently at a cellular level.

The problem is that 2mg is a tiny amount, some products contain 1000mg. You won’t see any real results from this amount. Very frustrating.

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TF7 Labs Antidote Fat Burner Dose

1 capsule is 1 serving. This isn’t enough to keep your body burning away fat through the day.

Whilst this will work as a pre workout, you’ll be soon getting crashes after the stimulants wear off.

For an effective fat burner you need far better doses of more ingredients, spread through the day.

TF7 Labs Antidote Fat Burner Side Effects

There is potential for unwanted side effects in Antidote as the product does contain a fairly sizable amount of stimulants in a single capsule.

There’s also potential for the Bitter Orange to interact with the Caffeine and Guarana. Side effects from this interaction can include headaches and nausea.

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TF7 Labs Antidote Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product looks great and there are some good ingredients in here.

But it’s heavily let down by the issues it has with low dosage and potential interactions between stimulants.

You will get a high amount of energy from this product, and it will perform ok as a pre workout. But ultimately this isn’t really a proper fat burner.

Remember you need a natural product, that has 3 capsules per day and uses clinically proven ingredients only.

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