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Testofuel for Females

As a woman, you are probably trying to get rid of those last bits of fat on your body. I know, I’ve done the same! This is what our Testofuel for Females Review will be looking into. 

Looking for a testosterone booster women is a nightmare for many. Especially if you are spending a long period of time in the gym and you can’t see any results. This used to frustrate me so much!

That’s when I met RoarAmbition, a product that comes as a fuel for your testosterone. Testofuel should increase your testosterone production which should lead to muscle growth and reduce the fat in your body.

Having some trouble to get where I wanted, I decided to give this supplement a chance. After all, it is manufactured by the promising company – RoarAmbition.

From my point of view, the TestoFuel supplement can truly stimulate your training mode, and I found myself unusually energized, which hasn’t happened with another supplement thus far.

If you take a look at the ingredients, it will seem that the supplement is promising, and actually might do its magic. By taking this testosterone booster you should expect:

  • Fat burning at high speed
  • Lean and stronger muscles
  • Regulated menstruation cycle
  • Increased libido
  • Enhanced power and energy levels

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Ingredients of the Testofuel

Testofuel for Females Ingredients

I really liked seeing that the ingredients are very carefully picked out. The proprietary blends play a huge role when I pick supplements. Therefore, I really liked this one and just had to buy it.


As a bodybuilding supplement, the Testofuel needs a source of energy. This is why the company put Ginseng inside of it. This should boost your energy within you which will lead to lifting heavier weights and make your training more dynamic. The energy boost happens because of the Adrenaline stimulation.

D-Aspartic Acid:

This nutrient plays a huge role by increasing the testosterone level in your body. This element is an amino acid and for 2 weeks it should increase the level of your testosterone significantly. According to several studies, this element decreases the level of estrogen and increases your testosterone. This should work great for women, at least it worked good for me.

Oyster Extract

This ingredient contains a high dosage of Zinc which is very connected to the testosterone. This element will keep a balance between your hormones. Another bonus is the improvement of your sexual drive and performance.


They have made a special place for the Zinc. This wonderful ingredient will properly deliver testosterone to your muscles. The zinc will make sure that you are getting enough testosterone. Not too much and not too little.

I also loved the fact that they included the Vitamins D, B6, and K2. These vitamins will improve your immune system, make your bones stronger and affect your production of testosterone positively. I must say that Roar Ambition made the right choice to put these vitamins.

Where to buy Testofuel

The only place that you can buy Testofuel is the official website. If you don’t see any results, your money will be refunded. This is what makes the product even greater.

It is pretty expensive coming at a price of 45 Euros. However, my goal was to lose fat, build muscle and have more energy, so I didn’t care too much about the cash. After all, I didn’t have to return the product and ask for a refund. On the plus side, you get 90 capsules which you have to take 4 per day. You can separate them and take 2 capsules two times a day.

Side effects of Testofuel

Aside from the immediate results, I didn’t experience any side effects. I had to let my body get used to it in the beginning until I feel ready to give everything from myself, but I had no problems.

I have to mention that some people complained of nausea and upset stomach after the first few capsules. However, I believe that it depends on the person’s body and how it would react to the ingredients of the supplements.

All in all, the nutrients are carefully and clinically chosen, therefore there aren’t any side effects.

My results of Testofuel and what should you expect

I can truly say that the Testofuel supplement is sufficient to get your energy flowing and keep you active for the entire training session. As a woman, I needed that extra push to force me to keep going. I am almost done with the box that I bought and I have seen positive results.

I am almost there where I want to be and I feel good that I made the right decision to buy this product.

One thing is certain, it will boost you up significantly, which will lead to better and more intense training. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you gonna buy it or not. I can’t promise anything, but it did its job for me. As I said, everyone is different and might react differently.


I can’t say if there is a better testosterone booster out there, but while it may be pricey, this product has allowed me to get where I was trying for so long.

Bottom line is that I will definitely recommend this product to a friend.

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