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TestoRipped Fat Burner Review

TestoRipped Fat Burner Review. This is a full review of this male fat burner that promises to get you shredded and getting compliments left right and centre.

For us though, this product is a little basic. Only using a handful of ingredients with a small dose.

Some of the ingredients in it are unproven too. We’d recommend checking out our top 3 to see fat burners that work, and are proven.

Read on to find out more about TestoRipped…

TestoRipped Ingredients

The ingredients profile in this product is all natural, which is good to see. With some solid servings of key nutrients. There are a couple of things that won’t work however, and some which are under dosed.

Vitamin B12 Testo Ripped Ingredients

B vitamins help with the breakdown of carbs, fats and proteins into energy and are a good addition to any fat burner. The dose in this product is a bit extreme, and most of it will be wasted.

It is good to see in this product though.


A mineral you can’t live without and something that helps with male hormone support. This has very limited fat burning properties though.

You’d be better off with magnesium or chromium in your supplement instead.


A good solid testosterone booster, that only needs around 100mg to be properly effective. The servings also need to be broken up through the day.

Something that this product fails to do.


A solid ingredient to have in any fat burning product. This product offers up 256mg, which is a good amount, but once again you want a bit more to keep fully energised, especially if you are working out.

Caffeine also provides you with an increased metabolism, so you will burn more fat. But again, this needs to be dosed regularly to get these results and there isn’t enough in TestoRipped.


Creatine helps the body provide energy to the muscles, it works by regenerating ATP, which is the chemical source of energy for muscles. It’s used in a wide range of supplements, generally pre workouts.

Creatines proven effective dose is around 5g upwards. It’s a little pointless having anything less as you won’t get any noticeable results.

Green Tea

Another great fat burning ingredient here. Green tea helps the body break down stored fat and also provides extra energy through the day. To get these effects you want a bigger dose than is in TestoRipped fat burner.

Our current number #1 uses 500mg of Green tea. This amount has been proven to give you fat burning results, anything less just won’t be effective.

TestoRipped Dose

2 capsules per day. THIS ISN’T ENOUGH. If you are serious about cutting weight you need at least 4 to ensure your metabolism is burning, your body feels full and you have plenty of energy throughout the day.

The ingredients in this product are hugely under dosed too.

TestoRipped Side Effects

You wont really get any side effects from this product but we doubt you’ll get any positive effects either.  The doses of key ingredients are too low and some just won’t work.

TestoRipped Cost

$49.99 for one month! Very expensive given the tiny serving size. We are very doubtful you’ll get proper results from this either.

Check out our top 3 fat burners to get lots more for your money and far better results.

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TestoRipped Review Conclusion

This product had promise and we liked the blend of testosteorne boosters and fat burners, but ultimate it’s going to be ineffective at both.

Huge dosing and serving size issues mean this wont get you the shredded abs you are looking for.

Secret Tip – If you want results, we’d recommend trying out a TestoFuel and top 3 fat burner stack. It’s expensive for both products, but you are guaranteed to hit those weight loss and testosterone boosting targets.

This is how we cut weight each year.

TestoRipped Fat Burner Review



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