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Teatu Thermalix Review

Do Teatu Teatox need to stick with what they know? Or have they created a revolutionary fat burner? See what weight loss results you can expect from our Teatu Thermalix review.

Teatu, as we’ve mentioned are the creators of a weight loss tea program. These programs don’t really work, from both a practical and scientific angle. Fat burners however, have the strong ability to ensure you are cutting calories and burning extra fat through the day.

But have Teatu created a fat burner that works with Thermalix? Or is it a fat burner version of their tea?

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Remember if you are serious about slimming down and winning the battle against your unwanted fat you need very specific ingredients, dose and serving sizes from any fat burner you buy.

Let’s see if Teatu’s Thermalix is up to the job.

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What Ingredients are in Teatu Thermalix?

Teatu Thermalix contains a blend of fully natural ingredients spread over 2 capsules per day.

They have natural stimulants, fat burning herbs and most of them at good solid doses.

It’s hard to find fat burners that contain ingredients that work, but looking at the label, Teatu Thermalix is on the money. Each ingredient in this product will give you some effects that will contribute to your fat loss.

What they do need to get right though is the dose and serving size, as often you can lose the effects of proven ingredients due to under dosing and small serving sizes.

Green Tea

Essential in a fat burner and well dosed in Teatu’s thermalix. Green tea not only has good antioxidant properties and a small amount of caffeine to help with energy levels. It also contains catechins which help with the break down of fatty acids. This essential means that green tea is a well researched and proven fat burning ingredient. You need it in your supplement.


An essential fat burning ingredient and one that provides energy and also helps you keep fuller and satisfied.

Caffeine has been proven to increase metabolism too, ensuring extra calorie burn through the day.  This is one of the most researched and effective ingredients a fat burner can have.


Can help prevent hunger pangs and cravings whilst also helping with focus and energy levels. There’s 150mg in Teatu Thermalix, which is a bit low. Normally you’d expect an evenly spread dose of around 500mg to make this ingredient worth it.


They’ve put 1000mg of capsicum in Thermalix. Ouch. Whilst this ingredient (contained within chilli’s and cayenne) is a good and proven fat burner, 1000mg could lead to unwanted side effects. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Generally capsicum works by forcing your body to cool itself down, burning extra calories.

Teatu Thermalix Dose

2 capsules will get you a good dose of most key ingredients in Thermalix.

But the problem isn’t with the dose, it’s with the serving size.

A premium fat burner would ensure better results and effects by giving you a high serving of 3+ capsules per day. By only having 2, and both being taken in the early part of the day you leave yourself prone to some side effects.

Thankfully, due to Teatu Thermalix being all natural, the side effects shouldn’t be bad or exist at all. But with the dose and serving size the way it is, there is also a good chance the normal effects could be a little weak.

Will Teatu Thermalix give me side effects?

Teatu Thermalix side effects should be very limited, if you get any at all.

Each ingredient in the formula is dosed within a safe range and completely natural. So that should be two big concerns ticked off your list.

One slight issue could be due to the 2 capsule serving and stimulants. With caffeine, Green coffee and green tea all in this fat burner, you may experience some slight energy crashes after it wears off.

One way around this would be to test your tolerance with a single capsule on the first day.

Where can you buy Teatu Thermalix?

You can purchase Teatu’s fat burner directly from amazon.com or from their online store here.

You can get a reasonable deal on 3 bottles for around £70 or $95.

Does Teatu Thermalix work?

We can’t see why Teatu Thermalix wouldn’t work as a fat burner.

The formula and product is pretty solid and Thermalix shouldn’t cause any side effects.

It’s fairly easy to buy Teatu Thermalix too, as it’s on amazon AND their official site.

BUT, there are better products out there with higher doses. If you want to buy a fat burner that’s a level higher and will work even better than Thermalix, we recommend checking out our top 3.

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