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T5 Hardcore Advanced Thermogenic Black Fat Burner Review

T5 Hardcore Advanced Thermogenic Black Fat Burner Review

T5 have created a vast line of fat burning supplements. Known for potent strength we are interested to see what goes on inside the T5 Hardcore, Advanced and other buzz words version of their fat burner. A lot of the time with these stronger supplements, you face jitters and very minimal actual fat burning effect. So lets take a look and see what’s happening with the T5 Hardcore Advanced Thermogenic Black fat burner.


Clean and feels ok. Looks like a fairly premium brand, but the design is a little basic and it doesn’t really showcase many effects. We don’t get hung up on looks as its the ingredients that are always more important. But, you can tell when someones spent money making a supplement from the bottle. Cheap bottle = cheap supplement = no real results. This looks alright.


Bitter Orange PeelProfessional Athlete Fat Burners

Bad start. Bitter orange peel is also known as citrus aurantium. It contains a form of stimulant called synephrine (something similar to ephedrine, banned by nutritional bodies). This can cause problems with anxiety and has been known to cause various problems especially when taken with caffeine. Another ingredient in this supplement. It’s not fair to completely discount this supplement because of this ingredient though, so let’s see what else they use.

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Green Tea Extract

Great. Green tea is proven to help the body metabolise fats and also provide you with energy from a natural source. When burning fat, drinking green tea is also proven to help too. This ingredient is a good addition to this supplement.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne works by turning up the heat in your body and burning extra calories. It is an effective fat burning ingredient however if it’s dosed wrong it can cause some nausea and other discomfort. Research shows that 50-100mg is about right and 150+ can cause problems for some people.


This is a non natural ingredient and is widely known to interact with stimulatory ingredients. Essentially, including this with caffeine will increase the uptake of the caffeine and cause further jitters. Coupled with the Bitter orange peel we’d strongly recommend you test your tolerance with this supplement.

Kola Nut

Kola nut hasn’t been studied too much for anyone to say whether it can have any effect on fat burning or weight loss. While some say it’s properties actually aid with the breaking down of fats and helping suppress appetite, there is no scientific evidence for this just yet. There are plenty of other proven ingredients that can help you achieve this.


We strongly recommend that any fat burner you buy has caffeine. It’s important to remember that this is one of the major proven fat burning ingredients and has had extensive research done into it. Whilst proven, it also needs dosing right to keep you energized through the day and your metabolism burning at absolute maximum. You ideally want about 250-300mg of caffeine per day for maximum effect. So this supplement is a little under dosed.


Take 2 capsules twice a day with water on an empty stomach. This dosing seems about right for this supplement. Any more than this could potentially cause negative effects and make you unwell. If you are going to buy a fat burner, look for 3-4 capsules per day of FULLY natural ingredients that do not interact with one another. Take a look at Grenade Thermo Detonator or our current rated number 1.


┬ú49.95 or 66 USD is about right for a premium supplement. If you are going to be spending this, then we recommend you buy something a little more premium though. You could also invest that money into something that has a wide range of appetite suppressant qualities and a steady energy release through the day. Our number #1 will have you more covered and is better value. While we wanted to support T5 this is just a risky investment and won’t get you the results you could get somewhere else.


There’s no doubt, this is a strong fat burner and a premium product. But beware, chances are it will cause you jitters and crashes and doesn’t actually seemed to be dosed very well. If you are going to buy it to test it then good luck. But if you came here wanting actual results we seriously think Instant Knockout offers a wider package for a similar price. You can head to check out our current number #1 fat burner here.┬á


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