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Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Review

Eradicating unwanted fat is the main step to shredding down and revealing your physique.

But, cutting fat can be tough. Even the last few llbs of a weight cut, or a full transformation can be made a whole lot easier with a good proven fat burner.

Symbolic Muscle are a company from Texas, who ship to the US. Whilst they are a smaller supplement company they have a fairly wide range. Their fat burner, Eradicate, looks good.

If you look at the label on the back though, the ingredients list doesn’t look as good as the packaging.

Symbolic Muscle have really pulled the stops out on the stimulants in this product. Let’s take a closer look and see if it’s going to help you shred fat though.

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Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

Eradicate is a fat burner that uses a blend of synthesised ingredients as well as some natural herbs and minerals.

The problem with supplementing more un natural ingredients in your fat burner is that generally these ingredients can cause side effects.

Symbolic Muscle have loaded eradicate with stimulants too, meaning this product will have a big impact on your metabolism and energy levels, but could be a little intense for those who aren’t hitting the gym or training regularly.

Eradicate Fat Burner uses a proprietary blend, which is a bit of a problem, as you can’t tell the individual ingredients. This means its fairly likely this product is packed full of cheaper and less effective ingredients.

Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Ingredients


Also known as bitter orange or Citrus Aurantium.
Synephrine is the compound found within the unripe fruit of Citrus Aurantium. It has been shown to have the same effects as ephedra or ephedrine, without being able to be converted to methamphetamines.
It is shown to increase metabolic rate, fat break down, thermogenesis and also shown to decrease a person’s appetite.
Due to the similarities however, it can also cause similar side effects. Especially when combined with other stimulants.

Caffeine (Both Forms)

Caffeine is a staple supplement to modern day life. It is a highly effective stimulant in how it boosts the metabolism, mobilises fat to be used as energy and suppresses appetite.
As well as this it can boost the effects of other metabolism boosting products, such as green tea or bitter orange.
It has long been used by athletes, and non-athletes alike, in order to increase alertness, endurance and longevity.
This is essential for a fat burner. You need around 250mg-300mg dosed evenly through the day for best results.

Alpha Yohimbe

Yohimbe has been shown to help increase power, inner strength and vitality. This is largely due to its effect upon the libido, both male and female.
It is also particularly useful for suppressing appetite. This effect combined with its ability to target stored fat makes it a commonly used supplement for fat loss.
The jury is still out on how effective it is however, with some studies showing unwanted side effects and limited benefits.

T2 (diiodothyronine)

This is thought to be a chemical that increases metabolism and some early research into animals in test tubes has suggested this may be the cause.

But, it’s worth noting that you are not an animal in a test tube and as such effects in humans could differ hugely.

Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Dose

Take 1 capsule when you wake up with food.

Whilst you are going to get the strong effects of the stimulants from supplementing this product like this, ultimately these are going to wear off after around 4 hours.

This 30 capsule bottle means you are paying a lot of money for a single daily dose, which is a far cry from the 3+ daily capsules used by premium fat burners like Grenade and Instant Knockout.

Remember there are ingredients in here that can cause side effects too. So test your tolerance.

Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Side Effects

Side effects from Symbolic Muscles Eradicate will likely come from the mixture of stimulants, which includes the risky ingredient Citrus Aurantium.

This ingredient is reported to interact with caffeine and cause headaches, nausea and sickness if taken at the wrong dose.

Combine this with the fact you can’t see how much of this ingredient is in Symbolic Muscle’s fat burner and you could be in for a rough ride.

Symbolic Muscle Eradicate Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Whilst this fat burner may look pretty good, the ingredients list is quite risky.

The one a day dose is ok for something that contains so many stimulants, but ultimately it’s not going to get you those drawn out fat burning results and more likely lead to energy crashes.

Other side affects to be aware of will come from the combination of caffeine and synephrine. This is especially true if you are only training small amounts or not at all.

Bottom line this isn’t a casual fat burner and could be quite risky to supplement. We have no doubt that you will see an increased metabolism though, but overall, for real results you need something that can be supplemented for longer, with more even doses and better ingredients.

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