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Sweat Powered Wearables – The Future of Health Trackers?

Sweat power and health devices!

We live in exciting times, technology has never advanced quicker and we are always pushing new boundries.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have been working on ways to utilize minerals found in sweat to power devices through a patch attached to your skin.

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Until recently they’ve had limited success, but now Joseph Wang, lead of the team has said;

“We’re now getting really impressive power levels. If you were out for a run, you would be able to power a mobile device,”

This is an exciting prospect, could you imagine working out, running or whatever and the sweat you are burning being something that quite literally charges up your phone?

Not only would this be excellent news for people who uses smart watches and fitness trackers to monitor their health, it could spell big news for people with illnesses which need to be tracked too.

“The most exciting application is wearable sensors that can monitor health conditions, then sweat could generate enough power for a Bluetooth connection so that the results could be read straight from a smartphone,”

The new skin patches could have a huge potential use and with the rise of fitness trackers and wearables this is an area of research you absolutely want to be keeping your eye on.

Powering devices with the power of sweat. We just can’t get over how exciting that would be.

The question is though, how far off are we until this technology is commercially available and will it just go straight to medical use first?

In order to stay up to date on sweat powered wearables, you’re going to have to follow Joseph Wang and his team the University.

Until then it’s just back to the old way of charging your devices and getting those fitness and fat loss results, but as waearables have actually been proven to help with this, it might be time to start investing and getting used to them…as soon you could be powering them with your sweat!

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