Supreme Sports Enhancements bring you their latest fat burner, LipoTHERM Elite. We are excited to look at this fat burner as Supreme Sports Enhancements have some good products! So lets check out if their fat burner stacks up against others on the market. This is a full, honest Supreme Sports Enhancements LipoTHERM Elite Fat Burner Review.


Clean and good looking. Unlike some other supplements which have very off putting colours and branding, Supreme Sports Enhancements LipoTHERM elite looks good. Remember you can tell a fair bit by the amount of time a company takes with the look of a product as to how trustworthy it is!

IngredientsLipoTHERM Elite Fat Burner Ingredients

The ingredients list looks short on this product. Short can mean it packs a punch and delivers some serious bang for your buck. But, lets take a look to make sure it ticks the right boxes first and doesn’t use anything useless!


Great start. A solid far burning ingredient and one you should always look out for when buying a fat burner. Caffeine gets your metabolism working quicker and also provides you with extra fat burning energy for those workouts!

Dandelion Root

Historically dandelion root is used as an antioxidant and can apparently help with the normal function of a number of organs and the liver. While it’s widely believed that dandelion root does have these properties there is little actually proof. Also, while it could be a good antioxidant, the fat burning effects will be minimal. Look for other natural ingredients in your fat burner like Green Tea or Green Coffee Bean that are proven!

LipoTHERM Complex (Partly Citrus Aurantium)

Woah. This is a mouthful. Without going into scientific detail on a molecular level, this  blend is largely made up of bitter orange peel.  Something that isn’t very effective and isn’t proven to have a fat burning quality at all. This obviously takes up a massive amount of this supplements content and we can’t say we are all too turned on by it.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract

A redeeming ingredient for this fat burner! Cayenne Pepper has been proven to raise your bodies core temprature and, due to this, increase your metabolism through this. To get a good calorie burning effect from this studies have you shown the optimum amount is 100mg. LipoTHERM Elite does fall a little short on this.

ForskoLean (Coleus forskohlii)

This is a chemical found in a plant root. Traditionally this is taken orally to treat problems like eczema and other skin conditions.

In supplements it is thought that this ingredient can actually increase fat burning compounds in the body. However, the only significant research that has been performed has been done in a test tube, so there is some concern that it will behave differently in the body.

Fat cutter supplementsDose

The dose of this supplement seems very low. It is also fairly concentrated and contains not enough proven ingredients for us to give this one a positive review. Dose is absolutely crucial when buying a fat burner, and you want something that’s going to deliver throughout the day. (3-4 capsules is a MUST if you want the effects to bring you the best results!)


$54.99 for 60 capsules from their website . This in our eyes in WAY overpriced for a fat burner that contains very little in the way of proven ingredients. We really recommend shopping around, if you are wanting to spend this sort of money you’ll be able to find a much better product to achieve better results for cheaper!

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Supreme Sports Enhancements LipoTHERM Elite Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We wanted to like this fat burner. Its clean clear bottle and short ingredients list meant it could’ve been something that packed a little punch. However, due to its massive price tag and the fact that it is way under dosed it won’t be making our current top 3 fat burners. If you are looking for something to kick off your journey to getting shredded, check out our current number 1 or Thermo Detonator by Grenade.Supreme Sports Enhancements LipoTHERM Elite Fat Burner Review