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Super Smart Advanced Fat Burner Review

The Super Smart Advanced Fat Burner Review is a supplement created by Super Smart, a fitness company with a large user base and a strong reputation. The supplement is said to increase your metabolism, burn off excess calories, and essentially melt away all the unwanted fat that has accumulated on your body.

It is also meant to prevent the carbs you eat, as well as stored as fat.

How does it work? Let’s take a deeper look at its ingredients to find that answer.

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This supplement contains a lot of what they call premium blends. However, these are usually no different than regular proprietary blends. In that, we usually have no idea what’s going on inside of them. However, we’ll be breaking them down as best as we can.

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This blend is a combination of a couple of plant extracts. These are Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana. When you combine these two extracts, they have an interesting effect.

They target the formation of new fat cells, especially the ones around the abdominal area. So essentially, it will police your body and make sure you aren’t suffering from too much unnecessary fat storage after you do eat your cheat meals.


This blend, similarly to Meratrim, is a combination of plant extracts. However, there are actually three plant extracts in this blend. Melissa officinalis, Morus alba, and Artemisia capillaries. This blend works really well to target the visceral fat.

These are the “invisible” fat accumulations, the ones you can’t see. The ones inside our bodies that accumulate around our organs. These fat accumulations often cause heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol, and a bunch of other really nasty diseases.

So this ingredient is really important for your overall health, not just for how you want to look. It targets the hard to reach fats that aren’t so noticeable, and that a lot of other supplements fail to reach.

Green Coffee Extract

Probably the most universal ingredient in weight loss supplements, this ingredient is thermogenic that heats up your body and helps you burn off fat. It also regulates the conversion of sugars into fat reserves.

So when you do eat meals with sugar in them, this ingredient will make sure the negative effects of the meal won’t linger on for too long around your waist!

Where to buy

Price ÂŁ60.79

The Advanced Fat Burner is available on the company’s website, which is supersmart.com. If you were to purchase this, that place would be your best bet. You can also find it on a lot of online fitness stores that sell the product.

However, you would have to shop around because the prices really do vary. You also won’t be able to find the product at any major retailers.

Side Effects

While there aren’t too many negative side effects of this product, it’s important to be aware that side effects can always arise when you aren’t careful with these types of supplemental pills.

When you start taking it, you have to make sure you know your tolerance level and that you are always monitoring your body and your reaction to the supplement.

When used safely the supplement is healthy however if you overdose on it, you can suffer from effects such as an elevated heart rate, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and more.


In summary, this is a strong supplement that does have a lot of benefits to it. The one thing we could say that is a little negative is their use of blends. They use a lot of blends, without listing the ingredients and their doses uniquely.

Blends tend to be used when the manufacturer wants to hide something and bunches together a number of ingredients instead of breaking them all down individually. Usually, when blends are involved, you have reason to be wary.

Overall this product is a decent one, but if it were up to us we would suggest going with something a little more transparent and reliable. Super Smart is a good company but in this field, it’s always important to judge on a product by product basis, rather than always trusting the brands with a good reputation.

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