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Strength.com Catalyst Shred Fat Burner Review

Strength.com’s elite herbal fat burning formula is Shred. This fat burner has a massive blend of fat burning ingredients and promises to support metabolism, suppress appetite and provide you with energy for your fat loss program.

When buying a fat burner remember you’ll get best results from products that use natural, clinically dosed ingredients.

Strength.com’s fat burner looks to do this quite well. However it is often the case that when fat burners use a massive number of ingredients lots of the more effective ones are left under dosed.

Let’s take a closer look.

Strength.com Catalyst Shred Fat Burner Core Ingredients

There’s a massive amount of ingredients in here. Some better than others at helping you burn away fat. There’s  a couple in here that will have no effect at all.

It’s interesting to see a Diuretic Blend as this will essentially help you get rid of water weight, and isn’t something you really need for sustained fat loss.


Chromium helps regulate insulin and therefore works by preventing the body storing extra fat. This again is absolutely essential when you are trying to lose weight and is essential in any fat burning supplement.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean extracts contain chlorogenic acid which help reduce the absorption of fat from the diet and also reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver.

African Mango

Or Irvingia gabonensis as it’s known, is a common food eaten in, you guessed it, Africa. This is hailed as an ingredient that will help you resist cravings and therefore lose excess fat. The problem though, is that of 2 successful scientific studies, 2 were funded by supplement companies. Alarm bells should be ringing.

These studies will be biased and generally it’s hard to find anything supporting this supplements use!

Coleus Forskohlin

This ingredient can potentially increase fat burning compounds in the body. However, the only significant research that has been performed has been done in a test tube, so there is some concern that it will behave differently in the body and you won’t get any real effects from it at all.

Raspberry Ketones

We’re sorry to say here, this again is a supplement that does nothing. There are 0 reliable studies for this ingredient working and it’s the product of more clever marketing. The worry with it though is that there are actually no studies into the long term effects of raspberry ketones.

Generally, it won’t even be made from natural sources anymore but is more likely a synthesized version of Rheosmin.


Generally fenugreek is more at home in a testosterone booster as it helps with the regulation of hormones. There are no direct reports of it being effective for fat loss. But again, there are lots of benefits to increased testosterone and hormone regulation so it’s not all bad.

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Strength.com Catalyst Shred Fat Burner Dose

They’ve got the 4 capsule serving size bang on with this product. This is what any effective fat burner needs to work properly. Keeping you dosed through the day to ensure the benefits last as long as possible.

The problem is there’s so many ingredients in here, when you only need a handful with better dosing to get proper effects.

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Strength.com Catalyst Shred Fat Burner Side Effects

You shouldn’t really get any negative side effects from this product as it uses natural ingredients and keeps all of the dosing of these in check.

There’s a bit of a lacking amount of proper stimulants in here though. And also there could be a lot more proven ingredients as opposed to ones that have had little research done on them.

Strength.com Catalyst Shred Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is an ok product. But they’ve tried to over complicate fat burning with a long list of ingredients.

There are some natural ingredients in here that will get you some results, but ultimately you’d be better off with a tried and tested premium burner.

These generally avoid any ineffective/non performing ingredients and just focus on what will work for you.

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