If you are wanting to get shredded, there’s nothing better than an effective fat burner to ignite your metabolism, give you energy and suppress your appetite.

With so many on the market, choosing something that’s going to be effective can be hard.

Stance Supplements fat burner boasts a huge amount of ingredients. This isn’t always a good thing, as products with longer lists usually fall victim to ineffective doses and risky side effects.

We can see some fairly reliable fat burners in here, but there’s some risky stuff mixed in too. A major problem is the proprietary blend.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this is going to get you shredded.

Stance Supplements Mens Thermogenic Core Ingredients

When choosing a fat burner we’d always stay away from products that don’t list the EXACT doses of ingredients on the label.

We’ve had experiences with supplement companies who hide this sort of information to get away with using large doses of cheap ineffective ingredients.

Meaning a weaker product and potential unwanted side effects.


A stimulant that speeds up metabolism and provides energy. It’s a must have in any natural fat burner and for best results you need around 300mg over 3-4 capsules per day.

You cannot see how much is in Stance Supplements Thermogenic, as they’ve chosen to hide the amount. Not helpful.

Green Coffee Bean

Helps regulate insulin and can provide some energy. For this to affect your body storing food from fat you need around 100mg.


Not ideal. While this stimulant will have effects on your metabolism, it’s also known for interacting with caffeine and causing some side effects at the wrong doses.

It’s also chemically similar to banned substance ephedrine, so if you are in any position where you get drugs test, we’d avoid it.


A third natural stimulant. It’s worth being a little cautious about this product now, as with so many stimulants ramping up metabolism, you may leave yourself prone to crashes.


A good amino acid at improving cognition and focus when dosed at around 300mg+. This product is using it for it’s unproven ability to increase metabolism through the receptors in the central nervous system.

Like we said, this hasn’t yet been proven and for it to work would probably need a bigger dose.

Raspberry Ketones

Science has proven they don’t do anything. They are the product of some clever marketing and that’s about it. Waste of money and of time. Stance Supplements should know better!

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Stance Supplements Mens Thermogenic Core Side Effects

There may be some interactions between caffeine, Guarna and Synephrine in this product.

This will normally be headaches and nausea if you experience them. Other side effects from high doses of stimulants can include crashes.

It’s impossible to say if you will experience these or not as the dose of each ingredient is hidden.


Stance Supplements Mens Thermogenic Core Dose

The dose of each ingredient is hidden.

This is far from ideal when you are taking this product twice a day to get results.

If you are serious about fat burning you need to see all of the ingredients. Ensure they are clinically dosed, and be supplementing 3-4 times a day for best results.

Stance Supplements Mens Thermogenic Core Review Conclusion

We wanted to be a lot more impressed by this product. However the fact they’ve used a blend to hide individual doses could leave you prone to some side effects or just a product that won’t work for you.

You will get SOME results from the stimulants no doubt, but this isn’t going to be as effective as you’d hope.

For less risky products, with proven results, higher doses and proven ingredients we’d recommend checking our top 3. 

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