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Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Review

Slimb Bomb Ignite is a very weak and very expensive fat burner supplement available in the UK. The product, which is part of a wider range of ‘diet’ supplements, but offers a very limited number of ingredients. Especially when you compare it next to the higher end more premium fat burners available on the market at the moment.

Don’t get us wrong though, there are some ingredients that will aid your diet and weight loss in this product. But. But there are far better products that will have a wider range of effects on the market currently.

It certainly looks the part, but you shouldn’t be fooled by it’s branding. It is over priced and there is potential that Slim Bomb Ignite could cause unwanted side effects.

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Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Ingredients

Ingredients wise you’re not getting too much for the ┬ú30+ price of Slim Bomb. This is a fat burner/diet pull supplement with a very limited set of actual fat burning ingredients.

Remember you are going to be taking multiple capsules of this product per day, so it’s important you get a product that is sceintifically dose. And that each ingredient needs to be studied and proven to work.

Our current top 3 are all examples of well developed and proven fat burning formulas. Let’s take a closer look at what is inside Slim Bomb Ignite anyway.

Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Ingredients


Chromium is an ingredient that is involved in the breakdown and regulation of insulin. It works at high doses in fat burners by aiding your metabolism and helping to feed your cells and can switch the fat burning switch on/off.


This is a common stimulant and is fairly highly caffeinated. Its used in fat burners as its’ caffeine content can help increase metabolism and energy levels. Generally though you don’t need a high amount and it can be problem if it’s used too much.


At the right dose the capsicum in cayenne can cause the body to burn energy. This is it’s reaction to this spciy pepper extract hitting your stomach. By needing to cool down your body will burn calories and energy, ensuring higher chances of a fat burn.

Citrus Aurantium

This is a very risky supplement. It’s been found to have similar effects as banned substance ephedrine, which caused severe side effects in athletes. This can be highly risky ingredient especially when mixed with other stimulants.

Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Dose

You take 4 capsules per day with Slim Bomb. Two in the morning and two at around 3pm. This is a good amount of capsules, but there is still the niggling problem with the under dosing of ingredients and complete lack of ingredients present in the product too.

It’s far better to have a fat burner that spreads the dose through the day. So our #1 fat burner has 4 capsules spread evenly. This amplifies the effects of it’s 10 scientifically dosed and proven ingredients.

Remember too, that Citrus Aurantium can cause side effects. Even at a low 100mg dose. So be careful when supplementing Slim Bomb.

Where can you buy Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner?

Slim Bomb Ignite is available from Slimming Solutions website. Here you can find the best deals on this fat burner and also buy it alongside one of their slimming shakes.

But don’t.

This fat burner just isn’t worth it. There are far better products available for the ┬ú30.00 price tag. More ingredients at a higher dose, with less side effects. Check our top 3.┬á

Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Side Effects

Citrus Aurantium is the major problem with this fat burner. Most other ingredients are fairly under dosed, so don’t cause too many problems. But will likely have any effects either.

The vitamins are essential, but can be found in nearly any supplement. The cayenne can cause side effects, but 50mg is a low dose so it’s doubtful it’ll even have any effect on metabolism as it’s supposed to.

Cirtus Aurantium though, is commonly reported to cause headaches, nausea, sickness and other problems. These side effects can cause a major set back when it comes to burning fat.

Slim Bomb Ignite Fat Burner Review Conclusion 

This is a product designed to be sold to people who’ve never heard or researched fat burners before.

Whilst the formula is weak, it’s also fairly risky as one of the main ingredients could cause unwanted side effects.

The serving size is split into two 2 capsule servings, which really isn’t optimized to ensure your body is burning away stored fat as fuel.

Some ingredients are safe and will work, but the dose is pretty low. Especially when you consider the price tag.

If you want a proven and solid fat burner that will get you results you need to be checking our top 3 fat burners. 

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