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Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Review

US Company Size Slim present their natural fat burning product offering. Simply called Weight Loss Support. In this Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Review we will take a look at if this product will actually help you lose weight, or if it’s another scam trying to take your money.

This is a good looking product, similar to our top 3 proven fat burners. It certainly has a premium feel to it, which is a good sign.

Lets take a further look to see if there is any fat burning science to the ingredients though.

Size Slim Weight Loss Support Ingredients

Glancing over it this product does have some good proven fat burners in here. It’s lack of stimulants will also appeal, but is also a slight dsize-slim-weight-loss support reviewrawback for those serious about losing weight.

Generally fat burners use caffeine as a stimulant as it is one of the most researched and proven ingredients to deliver results.


Vitamin B1, it is a good vitamin that as with B2 and B12 will help with the uptake of energy from  foods, meaning you are more likely to stick to a diet, but it’s dosed too high and so most of it will be wasted.

If you want to lose weight you need more than just vitamins, but active proven fat burning ingredients.


Essentially just vitamin B2, something that is widely available in foods you will eat through the day. This ingredient will help the body to release energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

There is a massive dose of this ingredient in here, so much so, that as with the Thiamin, the body may not process it all and a large part will be wasted. Meaning it’s not worth it.

Vitamin B12

Another B vitamin that does the same as the others. This is in our number #1 fat burner. It’s effective, but you do need more for a product to help make you lose weight quicker!


A key in any fat burner and something that features in our number #1. Chromium has been scientifically proven to help regulate insulin levels and decrease the amount of stored fat in your body.

For best results you want about 100mcg of this ingredient through the day. Size Slim’s fat burner is a little on the low side. 

Proprietary Weight Loss Blend

This blend contains some good proven fat burners, like Green Tea, Black Pepper and Cinnamon Bark.

But the rest of the ingredients in here are generally unproven and have no scientific studies backing them. 

Raspberry Ketones is the product of clever marketing and will have no effect on your weight loss.

There’s also an issue with dosing in this blend.

We can’t see the individual doses of ingredients, so you don’t know what you are paying for. We’d stay well away if we were you and take something from our proven top 3. 

Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Side Effects

You won’t really get any, but sadly you probably won’t get any results either. The doses of the key ingredients are most likely tiny as they are hidden in a proprietary blend.

Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Dose

The dose is OK, but for effective weight loss you need something that keeps you going through the day. 3-4 capsules is better than 2.

The dosing of individual ingredients in here is hidden so we can’t really comment, other than the over the top amounts of B vitamins.

Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Cost

$49.99 from sizeslim.com. Wow thats expensive. Take your money, check the results we had with our top 3, and spend it wisely there.

This may get you some slight fat burning results, but no way is it worth $50!

Size Slim Weight Loss Support Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We HATE proprietary blends. There are some good ingredients in this weight loss product.

But, you won’t get results because it looks like they are heavily under dosed and mixed in with ingredients that simply don’t work.

Invest in yourself properly to get better results and buy a product where you can see exactly what you are taking.

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