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Siren Labs Slimify Review

Siren Labs SLIMIFY is the newest and most hyped dietary fat burning supplement released by Siren’s lab. Siren Labs is a bit of an odd one, as far as supplement companies go. Very little is known about them, in fact, even their ‘about us’ page on their site is super limited. The only real tidbit of information that we gleaned off there is that they sell all their products at GNC. Good to know.

But I guess it doesn’t matter all too much, the only thing that matters is the SLIMIFY fat burner and if it’s actually all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s find out.

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Siren Labs Slimify Ingredients  

Unlike a lot of wannabe fat burning supplements, SLIMIFY only contains 6 ingredients. If you have read many of the reviews on this site, this may seem like a low number to you. But actually, it’s pretty ideal.  

Supplements that end up including 10 or more different nutrients usually under-dose them. In these situations, less can definitely be more. So, let’s get the ingredients included in SLIMIFY.

Siren Labs Slimify Review Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is a popular and effective fat burning ingredient. The majority of dietary supplements tend to include green tea extract. Due to SLIMIFY having fewer ingredients than most of its competitors, you would expect that they would be able to provide a higher dosage of green tea extract.

However, it is actually the opposite. For some reason, they have really underdosed this ingredient, including only 100g when they could easily have gone as high as 500g.

The green tea extract does a great job of improving the levels of norepinephrine hormones production. This will really aid the maintenance of your appetite which will stave off cravings. It will also give a real boost to your metabolism levels.

African Mango

African mango is really good for helping suppress an appetite that might be getting out of control. Binge eating and cravings are the biggest dangers you can face during your weight loss journey, so anything that can hold them at bay is definitely a good thing.

It actually works by expanding inside your stomach, helping you feel fuller for longer. Also, the mango tastes great! Which is always a plus.

Vitamin D3

Yes, there are vitamins in this supplement. This vitamin is really great when you are regularly working out as it increases your testosterone, allowing you to exercise for longer without getting tired.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Okay, here is where things start getting a little dicey. Garcinia Cambogia Extract is advertised as this miracle ingredient that amazingly burns huge amounts of excess fat.

Despite this, it actually has provided very little evidence that it is an effective fat burner after rigorous testing by reviewers. It’s mostly ineffective and pretty inconsistent too. The worst thing, however, is that if taken in higher dosages, it can actually cause dangerous side effects like liver failure, nausea, and headaches.

Luckily its dosage here isn’t too high, but its presence alone is enough to make us raise an eyebrow.


This is pretty interesting. Chitosan is a fiber that comes from the tissue of shellfish. Its very unique origin aside, it’s actually a very positive ingredient. It can do a lot of good for your digestive system.

The only situation where this could be a negative is if you are allergic to shellfish. And since shellfish isn’t really a very common ingredient like nuts, there are a lot of people out there who have no idea they are allergic to shellfish. Just something to keep in mind.

Raspberry Ketones

Rasberry Ketones, aka Garcinia Cambogia, Extract part 2, is an ingredient that was also hyped up a lot in the media. And similar to GCE, it has also been proven to be largely ineffective. For that reason we don’t see it as a positive addition to the supplement, however, at least it doesn’t have dangerous side effects like GCE has.

Where to buy Siren Labs Slimify?

Price: $56.99

The product is sold at various online stores, like the GNC, for around 56.99 US Dollars.

Siren Labs Slimify Side effects

SLIMIFY as a whole is quite safe and you shouldn’t expect anything bad to happen after you start taking it. However, the inclusion of Garcinia Cambogia Extract leaves with a small possibility of causing a negative reaction. The possible side effects are listed below –

  • Liver Damage
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Siren Labs Slimify Conclusion

SLIMIFY is a good product, and there is evidence that it works. The majority of its ingredients are positive, and have a good track record of fat burning.

However, despite this is still doesn’t come close to Instant Knockout as the number one ranked supplement on our site. The fact that some of SLIMIFY’s ingredients can be dangerous, and are mostly ineffective, is the biggest negative against it.

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