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SHREDR™ Rapid Fat Burner Review

Shredr Rapid Fat Burner Review

SHREDR™ Rapid Fat Burner is the fat burner produced by UK (Nottingham to be exact) based MuscleFood. MuscleFood promise SHREDR™ Rapid to be a cutting edge and advanced supplement. Let’s take a closer look at this supplement and see if there is much meat on the bone.


Standard MuscleFood. Straight to the point, no bullshit. You know it’s theirs so why do they need anything else. It looks and feels alright, like any basic bottle, but doesn’t blow us away or excite us in any way. Anyway, lets not judge this book by it’s cover.



The ingredients that go into SHREDR™ Rapid are generally alright. However there are some that aren’t worth talking about as they will have little proven effect. We are always cautious of a fat burner with a long list of ingredients as it can often lead to under dosing and even dangerous combinations. Lets take a look at the main ingredients present:


Good. A great fat burning ingredient. It keeps you energized, it’s scientifically proven and it’s completely safe in the right dose. The right dose being about 200-300mg. This supplement seems a little extreme and will probably keep you well up at night as we have experienced too many times! Check your tolerance before jumping right in at the standard dose is advisable.

Citrus Aurantium

Also known as bitter orange. It has similar effects to ephedrine (FDA banned substance), a stimulant, but is less effective. There is little scientific evidence to actually support this, any that do have been privately funded so aren’t trustworthy. In high doses it can actually cause some acute problems, heart attacks, strokes are two common ones that have been reported. Combing it with caffeine is also unsafe according to BfR, and so people doing this should be cautious.


This ingredient helps with the absorption of amino acids, glucose and fats into cells. Without any chromium in your diet you’d have extremely high blood sugar levels. This is a scientific fact, and so a good addition to this fat burning supplement.

White Kidney Bean

Basically blocks the absorption of carbohydrates. While there is early research to suggest this works, if you are on a healthy balanced diet then there is no need for it as you want to actually absorb the carbs you are ingesting.

Raspberry Ketones

The product of some clever marketing, raspberry ketones are a complete waste. While that seems strong and harsh, there is no science to back the effectiveness of this ingredient in humans. This ingredient came from the perfume industry, and as a by product, they needed a way to sell it, so decided to try and present it as a weight loss aid.

Green Tea Extract green-tea

A great natural fat burner. Most people are aware of the proven effectiveness of green tea for various things. The antioxidant element, EGCG, helps to stimulate your metabolism and burn away stored body fat as energy. It also helps your muscles use more fatty acids as energy through catechin polyphenols. An ingredient that is both proven and effective. An actively effective dose would be about 300-500mg. This supplement is slightly under.

Green Coffee Extract

Un  roasted green coffee bean extract has successfully been proven as a fat burner. It helps by increasing levels of Chlorogenic Acid which effectively block the formation of glucose in your liver. A 2012 study found that it was proven it successfully improves the absorption and use of glucose, ending in fat reduction without any major changes to diet. Effective dose ranges from 50-100mg. So this product is lacking, but it’s good to see in here nonetheless.


There are some solid ingredients in SHREDR™ Rapid, but, there is way too much caffiene, and when combined with citrus aurantium, it actually carries some risks. Be very cautious if you are committed to buying it, as we don’t want anyone wasting money or getting ill. Other ingredients are generally under dosed, meaning you are spending your money on nothing. Remember to find a fat burner with big effective doses, that keeps you going throughout the day. Energy crashes are all too common.


We found this supplement for sale in the UK for about £34.00 from MuscleFood’s website. Given the amount of ingredients this price is fairly reasonable, but in terms of it being risky, it’s not worth the money. If you want to buy a product, look for a premium fat burner like Grenade Thermo detonator or our current number #1 Instant Knockout.


2018 SHREDR™ Rapid Fat Burner Review Update

The SHREDR Rapid Fat Burner was an interesting sell. There’s a bunch of ingredients here, some proven to work as effective fat burners… but others? Not so much. It could have definitely done a better job picking and choosing ingredients. In the end, those same ingredients are what kept it from being good. Then, and now.

However, there’s no reason to mourn. There are good fat burners out there. Fat Burners that can help you sculpt your body by knocking off that excess body fat that’s been clinging around unnecessarily.

If you want to get to know those supplements for yourself, then I would suggest having a look at our Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find everything you need there.


In conclusion to our concise Shredr rapid fat burner review: The ingredients show promise, but the dosing is all wrong and you actually could end up getting a little ill from this. If you are going to buy it, check your tolerance. Remember though, there are a lot of good ingredients that are under dosed too. So it’s not going to do everything it says.











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