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Sensa Clinical Review

We’re all probably familiar with weight loss supplements that are taken as pills. These are pills you would have to remember to take a couple of times a day, depending on the recommended dosage.

However, there are other forms of weight loss supplements as well. One such weight loss supplement that is applied differently is called Sensa Clinical.

These come in packets that you can sprinkle on your meals, beverages, etc. Not only is it supposed to help you lose weight, it supposedly helps lower your appetite as well, by keeping your from absorbing calories.

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Sensa Clinical is marketed as being able to block all the way up to 350 calories every meal. However, much like a lot of other weight supplements suggest, this is best taken when you pair it with exercise and a diet plan.

Ingredients in Sensa Clinical

One thing of note, there are “..no published studies carried out on SENSA, and the active ingredients are so vague that it is nearly impossible to find information relating to [them].”

There are four ingredients that are blatantly displayed on the label, and as well as a proprietary blend.


The first ingredient on the label is called niacin, also called vitamin B3 or niacinamide. There is  70mg of niacin per packet.

This is a nutrient that produces another nutrient called NAD, that is related to fats, carbs and proteins. A lot of people assume, that because of this, that niacin helps burn fat.

However, as mentioned, a lot of the ingredients involved in the making of Sensa Clinical have inconclusive research. There are even some studies that have theorized that taking in too much niacin may actually keep a person from losing fat. Which is not so good.

The only thing niacin is proven to do, “…is support the conversion of fat to energy.” There is no proof that it actually promotes the growth of an individual’s metabolic rates. It is related to metabolism, however it doesn’t make the process any faster.

Also, “…according to the Institute of Medicine’s Dietary Reference Intakes. The maximum intake amount that is likely to pose no risk of adverse effects for adults is 35 daily milligrams.” Remember that the dosage per Sensa Clinical packet is 70 mg, which does exceed the dosage that is said to keep people from gaining more weight.


This particular ingredient, unlike the others, actually has been studied enough to be able to claim that it helps promote weight loss. The dosage per Sensa Clinical packet is 45mg.

The premise is, “…the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat the cell will burn — and the greater the weight loss.”


This is known to be effective for people who are diabetic, not so much for regular people. It’s said to help “…enhance insulin’s action in the body.” There are 63 micrograms per Sensa Clinical packet.

The studies involved in this ingredient is inconclusive when it comes to people who have regular amounts of insulin. In one study, regular people were told to take Chromium supplements that were around 1000 micrograms. Even this big of a dosage did not result in any weight loss.


Now sodium is a little confusing. It is related to fattening foods, however, consuming sodium does not actually have anything to do with gaining and or losing body fat.

It’s only when you consume so much of it that it causes some temporary weight gain, mainly because of water retention.

Proprietary Blend

 There is a proprietary blend involved in the formula. Now, the thing with proprietary blends, is you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

In Sensa Clinical the blend is around 139 mg, and there are three ingredients on the label, all of which are extracts. That’s all we know, everything else is a mystery.

Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract

Phaseolus Vulgaris extract, is extracted from white kidney bean. This is considered a pretty popular starch blocker, but it’s effectiveness is unknown.

There have been studies that had ended in an average 4 pounds of weight loss. This is from larger doses, ranging around 445mg to 1500mg. The total proprietary blend in Sensa Clinical is 139mg, so it doesn’t reach the dosage that has been proven to work.

Also, all of these studies were done in a short period of time. Which means, that benefits in the long-run cannot be proven.

Silybum Marianum Extract

This particular material is extracted from milk thistle. Once again, studies are unable to confirm it 100%, but it is said to help control blood glucose levels. How effective it is a fat burner, is still up for debate.

Much like chromium, it is proven to be effective for diabetics. However, it has not been tested on healthy subjects.

Theobroma Cacao Extract

 Extracted from cocoa, with ingredients like caffeine and theobromine, it is known to be fairly effective. Again, there are actually not enough studies to confirm cocoa as an effective fat burner.

However, caffeine and theobromine are known as popular weight loss ingredients, so that should help out ome.

Sensa Clinical: Does it Work?

 That’s a strong maybe. The dosages for Sensa Clinical, are very small. You are recommended to take only 1 packet per day, which means that what you see on the label is what you get. Also, because most of the ingredients are unconfirmed there really is no knowing.

Sensa Clinic Review Conclusion

This is not something I would recommend, although if this is something you are interested in, you can purchase it here.

Perhaps one day, when we know more about the ingredients, I will rethink that. However, for as long as these ingredients are inconclusive, my stance will remain.

If you are interested in a fat burner that has scientifically proven ingredients with high dosages, check out the Top 3 Fat Burner review we did previously. Specifically, try out the Instant Knockout supplement. It’s proven to be highly effective and is highly acclaimed.


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