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SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4 Fat Burner Review

This is a review of the fat burning offering from San Tight. The name of this supplement does sound a bit like a car, and is a little clumsy. But, as they say, never judge a book by its cover and lets take a look if SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4 Fat Burner will actually get your engines firing and your fat burning.

From first glance, we are already not just keen on the ingredients list, as it is actually a proprietary blend, and so we can’t see a full list of the amount of each ingredient in the supplement. We’ve never had good experience when reviewing products like this!

Company Website   www.bodybuilding.com
Your Score (Average) 2.9
Appetite Suppression  
Energy Release
Shipping  Retailer Dependent
Guarantee  No
Price  $36
Side Effects High risk
Overall Score  2/5


As we’ve mentioned above, this product is somewhat confused and has opted to get a mix of ingredients that you can’t actually see. Each serving does however weigh an alright amount, but┬átheSAN-Tight-Fat-Burner-Ingredients question is are you getting effective amount of these ingredients per serving or are you getting small amounts of the expensive ones and higher quantities of the cheap ones, as is all too common in blends like this. Lets take a look at the major ingredients in this supplement anyway.

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Caffeine Anhydrous

A staple fat burning ingredient. Any good fat burner (other than the less effective stim free ones) will contain this. Why? It’s simple. Caffeine helps with keeping your energy levels and metabolism up. We are pleased to see this ingredient in this fat burner, but also, that it contains┬áa fairly solid (maybe slightly under dosed)┬á200mg across the 3 capsule serving. ┬áRead more about caffeine here.


Yohimbine is a bit of a risky ingredient. This is something we’ve come across before and would recommend avoiding. With stimulant effects not too dissimilar to caffeine it doesn’t make sense to have it in this product, when you already have the caffeine present. While this does have some good fat burning qualities and also can aid erectile dysfunction (always a plus!) it can also cause anxiety issues depending on the dosage. The problem, is that you don’t actually know the dose you are getting with this product…

Citrus Reticulata Extract

Similar to orange extract, but with some people saying it can provide some antioxidant effects and aid with digestion as a source of dietary fibre. As with Yohimbine though, it’s hard to tell the dose in this supplement. To get any real results from┬áCitrus Reticulata Extract you’d need more than is probably present. Look for supplements that contain the well tested and covered ingredient Green Tea as it’s not dissimilar and will also give you better fat burning results.

Synephrine HCI

As with above this comes from in citrus products. This ingredient is known to have cardiovascular effects and can increase blood pressure and pulse rate. While this will provide benefits, normally when dosed correctly this ingredient can wear off within 30 minutes to an hour. In studies doses of the drug that were over 200mg actually gave negative side effects, headaches and nausea being common. While we are sure the amount of this ingredient present in┬áSAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4 won’t be close to that, we face the same problem that its a propriety blend and so cannot tell you 100%.

SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4 Fat BurnerDose

The only dose we can actually see here is caffeine, which is 200mg split across 3 pills through the day. This is marginally under dosed for a normal fat burner and you should be looking for something that will fuel you that little bit more, especially if you are working out regularly. In terms of other ingredients we do not know exact doses so can only speculate.

However the general make up of the ingredients used and chosen means that it’s probably worth sitting this one out. Buy a fat burner thats got 100% natural tested ingredients and tells you the full dosing of each.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy it from Amazon. It will set you back $36.20. While this is a fairly reasonable price, if you are paying this you should really know what you are getting. Especially as you might be paying for a load of cheap ingredients and a few premium ones. Again, look for a fat burner that discloses everything inside it so you know what you are getting for the money you pay!

2018 SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4 Review Update

There’s a ton of ingredients in the SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V4. Heck, there’s a lot more than what they can fit inside of that long name of theirs.

Seriously, this company seemed to struggle with control. Because not only did they stuff this full of ingredients, but they also made sure to keep all of them locked up in a nasty proprietary blend.

It’s safe to say that we’re not very fond of this one. Sure, it might offer a couple of benefits, but is it worth the risk? Nah. You’re better off checking out our updated┬á2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review. You’ll find everything you need there.


We mentioned the engine at the start of this review, and so we will go back to that. You wouldn’t put stuff you didn’t fully understand or know the amounts of in your car engine would you? Exactly, don’t do that with your body. We don’t doubt that this product will give you some fat burning effects, but we really couldn’t trust what they’d actually be! Check out our other reviews for something a little more natural and that you know exactly what you are getting.

If you are looking to get more for your money, and more importantly SERIOUS results. Check out our current top 3 fat burners.

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