Quadralean is the latest fat burning offering from RSP Nutrition. RSP have a good history with supplements and while the ingredients list is short. We are sure it’ll pack some fat burning punch! (or will it….)


Clean and well designed. This looks like a fairly good product. There isn’t much of a wow factor to be seen here, but it looks alright. You can normally tell a bit by the quality of the design, as thats the amount of money someone is willing to invest into a product and therefore how effective and premium it’ll be.


Clarinol (Conjugated Linikeic Acid)QuadraLean-Ingredients-List

Being described as a stimulant free fat burner on it’s own, CLA is a type of essential fatty acid. Your body doesn’t produce it, but you get it from dairy products and meats. It’s been reported
that CLA effects insulin sensitivity, however the research performed on this was actually inconclusive. Other suggestive benefits include positive effects on cholesterol, antioxidants and improved strength. Again though, there has been no actual evidence to back this up. Don’t waste your money in short! You can easily get enough of this from your diet. Easily.

Garcina Cambogia

Marketed as an appetite suppressant, this fruit is generally used to enhance the flavour of meals. That is all it’s good for really. There has been no evidence, and indeed no real reports of it working as something that can suppress an appetite and just a gimmick for companies to make money from as ‘the next big thing’. While it’s completely right to have an appetite suppressant in a supplement, look for something thats proven to be effective and again, not waste of money!

Raspberry Ketones

We’re sorry to say here, this again is a supplement that does nothing. There are 0 reliable studies for this ingredient
working and it’s the product of more clever marketing. The worry with it though is that there are actually no studies into the long term effects of raspberry ketones. Generally, it won’t even be made from natural sources anymore but is more likely a synthesized version of Rheosmin.

QuadraLean Carnitine Blend

There aren’t many studies to support the use of L-carnitine as a fat burner. Any that have backed it say the effective dose is 1000mg to 2000mg. You’re not getting that here. While studies have shown conclusively it burns fat in elderly people, this most likely isn’t true with under 60’s.


If we are honest here, we’re not pleased with this supplements ingredients. The dose is pretty much void as we couldn’t honestly back this as a fat burning supplement. If you are absolutely convinced you need to try it, then there probably won’t be any side effects and the ingredients modest amounts shouldn’t cause you any problems. But probably won’t cause you any effects either.


We found RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Fat Burner for $28. You can get a whole lot more for your money! Spend a little more and you can go premium with a fat burner by Grenade. Or our number #1.


We don’t like ripping supplements and may be wrong for some people, but to be honest this isn’t at all worth your money. It’s full of over hyped and over commercialized ingredients that are backed by barely any science. Look for natural products that are proven. Don’t believe everything you read!