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RPG Core Reactors Fat Burner Review

RPG nutrition present their fat burner offering Core Reactors. In this full RPG Core Reactors Fat Burner Review we will take a look to see if it can really help you hit those fat loss goals.

There is a fairly slim ingredients profile on this product, for a fairly big price tag. The product does look and feel slightly cheap, but lets see what the ingredients are like.

Core Reactors Fat Burner Ingredients

There’s a slim ingredients list on this product, that at first glance more supports an increased metabolism than anything else.

Our current top 3 have far more active ingredients to guarantee you results, as a comparison. 

Green Tea

A proven fat burning ingredient. Widely used for it’s effect. Green tea is in every one of our top 3 products and nearly every review we have done.

You want around 400mg of Green tea dosed throughout the day for optimal fat burning. Green tea works by boosting your bodies metabolism, but also contains a large number of antioxidants.


Caffeine will provide you with energy and also, as with green tea, help with your metabolism through the day. It’s important to use caffeine if you are burning fat as it is one of the most researched ingredients used by supplements companies to aid with fat burning.

To keep energy levels up and to get the best fat burning results from caffeine you need to be supplementing around 300mg through the day. This product is slightly under dosed.


Used to help speed up the absorption of energy from fat. It has been proven that it can promote fatty acids crossing mitochondrial membranes, which in turn will help you to lose weight.

These studies however were conducted on the elderly though, so it’s no guarantee that it will work for you.


There are limited studies on this ingredient as a fat burner. It’s in this product as it’s thought it might boost athletic performance.

Historically it was used as a sexual aid, however there is a lack of evidence to support it’s use as this also. Slightly disappointing and a bit of a waste in this product. Save your money.


Evidence doesn’t really work in the favour of this fat burning ingredient. Studies conducted on the effectiveness of chitosan remain inconclusive. Some found that supplementing this ingredient and restricting calories may lead to a small amount of fat loss, however it’s still not 100%.

Core Reactors Fat Burner Dose

3 capsules per day. This is a decent dose for any fat burner (our current number #1 uses 4). This ensures that you are kept dosed through the day.

Core Reactors Fat Burner however is slightly under on it’s proven ingredients. With caffeine, green tea and L-carnitine all under an effective dose. You will get some reasonable results from this product, but you’d get far better ones from our proven top 3.

Core Reactors Fat Burner Side Effects

There isn’t much in the ingredients list of core reactors that would cause you any negative side effects. Just make sure you don’t take the last capsule too close to bed time as it could disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Core Reactors Fat Burner Cost

We found this product widely available for £19.99. This is a pretty cheap price for a product with 3 servings per day. BUT for a a little more you could be getting double the amount of ingredients per dose, and an extra serving.

Our top 3 are chosen because they are proven to be effective and get you fast results. You’d probably need a few months of RPG Core Reactors and crazy dieting and training to get results.

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Core Reactors Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This product has some good ingredients. However they are on the low side, so you’re not getting full clincally proven doses.

This means the results you will get will be minimal. For a little more money you could be buying any from our top 3 proven products, with bigger doses, more ingredients and quicker results.

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