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Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 Review

Getting those Rock Hard abs can be the results of a bit of smart training and a decent fat burner.

Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 is a fat burner widely available online that uses a blend of natural herbs and synthesised ingredients to get you fat loss results.

With 200mg of caffeine per capsule and the rest of the contents hidden into a proprietary blend, the only thing we can be sure about with Alpha Lean 7, is that it will give you energy.

We’re unsure why Rock Hard Supplements have chosen to hide the individual doses of ingredients, as this could leave you with a fat burner that causes side effects and may simply just not work at all.

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Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 Core Ingredients

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It’s a mixed bag of ingredients that go into the proprietary blend of Rock Hard Supplements fat burner.

Whilst Alpha Lean 7 does have some fairly good and proven fat burners in there, it’s also full of chemical alternatives which can really put the brakes on any fat loss you are trying to achieve.

This is due to the way they work with your body. You’re not going to choose a McDonalds over a Chicken Fillet when dieting, as a weird example.

Let’s take a look at the main ingredients in Alpha Lean 7 and see what fat burning results you can expect.

Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know about caffeine and what it is capable of, being one of the most popular beverages in the world. But it’s effect doesn’t end in making you alert and promoting longevity. Caffeine also boosts metabolism itself and enhances the metabolism boosting properties of other fat burners. Having 250-300 milligrams of caffeine evenly through the day yields best results.

Dandelion Root

If you’re looking to take care of cholesterol and burn fat at the same time, then dandelion’s properties make it a perfect match for you. It improves levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. It’s diuretic effect suggests that it has weight loss properties has well but it hasn’t been scientifically proven, yet.


Synephrine, otherwise known as bitter orange, is a stimulant that improves metabolsim found within the unripe fruit of Citrus Aurantium. It does not get converted into methamphetamines, but has the same effects as ephedra or ephedrine. It breaks down fat, induces thermogenesis, boosts metabolic rate and also suppresses appetite to some extent. However, this similarity also extends to side effects, especially when combined with other stimulants.

Green Tea

While coffee, is loved by an average Joe, most health enthusiasts prefer green tea, and for a good reason. It’s rich content of catechins is already enough to boost metabolism and adding a decent amount of caffeine to the mix only makes it better. In fact, certain studies have concluded that one can burn as many as 200 extra calories in a day when having green tea without needing to adding any exercises to their workout regimen. 500 milligrams of caffeine is a healthy dose to have in a fat burner.


L-Carnitine, while very good at maintaining heart health, is also good for weight loss as it improves performance to increase fat burning and carries the fat directly to the mitochondria so it gets metabolized into energy instead of sugar. There are a lot of side effects associated with L-carnatine despite its effectiveness so it’s generally under-dosed in most fat burners.

Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 Dose

You get 3 capsules per day over a month period with Alpha Lean 7.

This is a fairly good serving size and one that ensures the contents of each capsule are going to be boosting your metabolism and working to keep you energized through the day.

The problem though, is that the ingredients are likely to be under dosed. Due to the product being a proprietary blend.

Meaning Alpha Lean 7 may not work at all and could just cause some side effects.

Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 Side Effects

Side effects from proprietary blends that contain mixtures of stimulants are commonly; headaches, nausea, sickness and anxiety.

It’s fairly risky to supplement products that contains Synephrine and caffeine especially.

If you are wanting to cut fat as fast as possible you cannot risk a product that gives you side effects. This can be a major setback.

Rock Hard Supplements Alpha Lean 7 Review Conclusion

This is a product that has more risks that potential fat burning rewards.

Whilst there are a few ingredients that will work for you in here, ultimately they are in a blend which could easily cause you unwanted side effects.

Alpha Lean 7 just doesn’t stand up to premium fat burners like Instant Knockout or Grenade. Which is why we have sadly given it such a low score.

If you seriously want to cut fat, then we recommend spending a little more and getting a proven and premium product.

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