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Roar Ambition Products and Reviews

You’re reading this because you’re in the market for a new supplement and have come across a specialist company, Roar Ambitions, products.

Like us, you’d probably never heard of Roar Ambition until very recently. This US and UK based company has seen a meteoric rise to the industry top spots with their three major products;

TestoFuel, Instant Knockout and 4 Gauge. Looking at the products it’s not first obvious that it’s Roar Ambition behind them, as each one has it’s own page and it’s own special branding and selected blend.

Roar Ambition’s products are specialist sports supplements. Meaning this is no run of the mill, one or two ingredient set of ineffective formulas, these products work.

Who Are Roar Ambition?

Roar Ambition are a specialist sports supplements company based in the US and UK. They create 3 products, all of which are heavily endorsed by industry experts, athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

To our knowledge they have been selling these products since 2012 and have recently experienced a boom in popularity after a partnership with MMA fighter Diego Sanchez and ex Mr Olympia Robby Robinson. One of the later additions to the Roar Ambition family is Alexia Clark.

MMA Legends Diego Sanchez and Jon Dodson and Robby Robinson

Roar Ambition’s last product to be released was a pre workout called 4 Gauge. This striking product comes in a shotgun shell and is naturally formulated along with the rest of their supplements.

Roar Ambition’s tag line is;

‘Get Ahead with Innovative Sports Performance Supplements’


Whilst we can’t full vouch for how innovative these supplements are, we can tell you that they are natural and have had good experiences with all 3 products combined.

As a word of warning, the combination of Instant Knockout and 4 Gauge can be a bit troublesome because of the caffeine but we adapted doses to full test this and still got good results.

So, in summary, Roar Ambition have the 3 main products. These are all natural supplements that they’ve taken their time over producing. They are based in the UK and US and generally have lots of positive reviews online.

Are Roar Ambition are trustworthy brand?

From what we can tell so far, Yes. We have seen some people complaining of a couple of hidden charges on their 90 day guarantee, but ultimately we’ve had no issues as Roar Ambitions products have always worked for us.

Before ordering anything, we’d recommend checking the companies terms and conditions to be sure you are making the right choice. We have had a small chat with their customer service about TestoFuel and the best times to take it and the response was within 24 hours too.

As a company they are heavily active on social media, which is always a good sign and have a large amount of fans and followings.

Like we said, double check the terms and conditions though, in case you are worried whatever you order may not work.

What Products Do Roar Ambition Make?

Roar Ambition’s 3 main products are;

Instant Knockout – www.instantknockout.com

‘Originally Developed To Help Pro Boxers & MMA Fighters Burn Fat in Time For a Fight… Instant Knockout Is Finally Available For YOU’

Stolen from Roar Ambition

Instant Knockout is a natural fat burner that uses a special blend of herbs to boost up your metabolism and start your body tearing through fat as an energy source. This isn’t a miracle fat burning pill, but if you are training 3 times a week and eating clean it’s pretty close.

We got some amazing results from Instant Knockout, so much so it made our list of top 3 fat burners and has been there for a few months now.

TestoFuel – www.testofuel.com

‘Struggling to pack on the muscle?Not making the gains you’d hoped for? You may need the ‘missing link’……Testosterone!’


TestoFuel is another natural product from Roar Ambition. This ‘Testosterone Booster’ uses it’s blend to deliver the tools the body needs to create more testosterone. Do not confuse this with steroids, you are not adding testosterone, just helping your body along. Again you can get extremely good results from TestoFuel in terms of muscle mass, libido and energy. This is especially true when you combine TestoFuel with a decent diet and exercise program.

4 Gauge – www.4gauge.com

‘Delivering the most effective, explosive and focused workout experience possible; 4 Gauge is the safest and strongest pre workout on the market.’

4 Gauge Product Shot

Whilst we are not entirely convinced 4 Gauge is the best and strongest pre workout we’ve tried, it’s certainly up there with the better premium pre workouts. 4 Gauge does give you one hefty push to smash through a gym session and can get you intense muscle pumps, but you do need a fairly big serving.

Stacking Roar Ambition Products Together?

What you’ll feel from Instant Knockout TestoFuel and 4 Gauge:

  • More energy and better mood – Libido increased too
  • Satisfied and fuller for longer
  • 2 Weeks until strength increases in the gym
  • Abs appeared after 4 weeks

This is where we got really good results. By stacking both TestoFuel and Instant Knockout we managed to cut down to 10% bodyfat from 16% in a period just shy of 3 months.

Whilst you may think this isn’t that incredible, my lifestyle was so much easier and I was able to do it with far less effort than I have ever previously before.

I trained 4 times per week. 3 times was resistance training and 1 cardio session, getting outdoors.

Instant Knockout was supplemented every day, as was TestoFuel.

You feel younger, more energetic and stronger within the first 2 weeks, even though I had cut down my calorie intake I had no cravings and could just crack on with things.


You’re not going to get great results if you sit on your bum and don’t do ANY exercise, whilst the products will still work, they perform loads better if you do eat well and train at least a little bit. Generally Instant Knockout will help you resist snacking and give you more energy, even if you are watching TV, but it’s better to use that energy for exercise.

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