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Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Fat Burner Review

Set Your Metabolism A BLAZE? Or Just Burn Away Money…

Our full Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Fat Burner Review will look to see if this supplement is going to be the answer to you cutting that fat.

The product looks and feels great and offers up a lengthy and natural ingredients profile.

Rexx Sports have had plenty of successful supplements in the past that give you good results. Will this fat burner be able to take our number #1 spot though?

If you want to get the results I got from a quality fat burner, you are reading the right post.

You’re close to choosing a supplement that will get you 6 pack abs, feeling energised and cutting extra calories from your diet!

Remember, for this to work any premium fat burner should:

  • Have All natural, scientifically proven ingredients:
  • Be clinically dosed
  • Have 3 capsules per day of active ingredients
  • Offer Appetite Supression, Energy and an Increase in Metabolism

Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Key Ingredients

There’s some good solid fat burning ingredients in this product. Some which are completely proven to work too, which is great to see. However there’s a few that are ringing alarm bells for the wrong reasons.

Whilst all the ingredients are natural, it’s common in the supplements industry for products to include gimmicks and ingredients that are proven to have no effect at all. Let’s break it down to see what you will be taking in Hyper Blaze 2. Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Fat Burner Review Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone

A scam ingredient. Proven to do absolutely nothing when it comes to weight loss. Raspberry Ketones are the product of some clever marketing, which meant that the supplement industry people when mad for it before it was proven.

As tests were carried out it was shown that this ingredient does nothing.

Citrus Aurantium

A fairly risky ingredient to have in a fat burner. This is because citrus aurantium is similar to banned substance ephedrene, This means that dosing it wrong, or if your body doesn’t like it there could be some side effects.

Another issue is the fact that it’s fairly close to being banned, so should be avoided if you are in a job that requires blood tests etc.


A solid ingredient in any fat burner. Caffeine has been shown in countless studies to speed up the metabolism and increase energy and alertness. If you are buying a fat burner it’s essential you are getting a good dose of caffeine through the day. (Preferably in 3-4 capsules spaced evenly for proven results)

Green Tea

Another proven ingredient that allows the body to break down stored fat for energy. Green tea has been shown in various studies as a great form of fat burner. There’s a good dose in this product too, which is great to see.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that’s used to help promote sedation and a feeling of being relaxed. In combination with the caffeine it’s been proven to make you feel focus and alert. Something that may especially come in handy if you are dieting and training hard.

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Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Dose

2 capsules twice per day. This is a good amount of capsules when the ingredients are proven and work.

Our number #1 fat burner ensures this by using 4 capsules through the day. It costs more money, but it depends on how bad you want that six pack.

Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Side Effects

You won’t really get any side effects from this product. There is some slight risk with the citrus aurantium, however we wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Lot’s of the ingredients in this are unproven too, which means no side effects or no real effects either.

Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Cost

We found this product from rexxsportsnutrition.com for $44.99. This is very expensive give then fact you are getting half the amount of capsules as our number #1 fat burner.

You are also paying more than our number 2 and 3 products and getting less in the way of proven ingredients.

If you want results, we’d recommend checking out our top 3.

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Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Review Conclusion

Not a bad product. But it’s a little under dosed with it’s serving size.

There’s also a few ingredients in here that won’t really give you many results and some that may give you some side effects. We’d check out our top 3 if you are serious about burning fat.

The price of this product is also a little too high. Spend your money elsewhere!

Rexx Sports Nutrition Hyper Blaze 2 Fat Burner Review

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