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Revolution Nutrition Bull Dose Review

Finding a preworkout supplement that specifically focuses on one avenue of bodybuilding, is not difficult to do. Revolution Nutrition Bull Dose is one of those supplements. It is one that is specifically formulated to help you increase your pumps, and it prides itself for being free of stimulant-like effects that are popularized in other pre workout supplements.

The supplement is manufactured by a company called Revolution Nutrition, and they make other products that are probably meant to accompany the use of this one. It should be noted, that this is made entirely of proprietary blends, and so- we have no idea how much of each ingredient is in the Bull Dose supplement.

They are really proud of their supposed ability to give control to the people that are taking their supplements- with specifically formulated sets of groupings that is meant to help you accomplish the things that ‘you’ need to accomplish.

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Ingredients for Bull Dose

Now, as mentioned in the introduction, the company claims to have chosen ingredients solely on their ability to improve an individual’s power in their pumps. In most cases, this deals with the flow happening inside of your body.

Are the nutrients making it to the right place and at the right time? How tired do you feel when doing pumps without Bull Dose and with it? Those are the questions that only the ingredients themselves can answer for.


Muscle Tissue Expander

This grouping includes the ingredients that are meant to help your pumps become better by boosting your body’s capabilities to spread the nutrients and vitamins needed via better blood flow. Ingredients in this grouping include, but are not limited to:

L-Arginine is one of the ingredients in this grouping, and it is one that specializes in increasing the production of nitric oxide- which is the molecule that is meant to be able to help your body move blood to where it needs to go. Much like most of things, this is something that you can get from a healthy diet- which is something that you need if you are hoping to making better gains.

Now, if you don’t think you are getting enough Arginine, then it would only be logical to supplement Arginine orally. However, unless you have shown signs of L-Arginine deficiency, taking more of it isn’t really known to lead to any significant effects. In which case, it’s not as important to find out how much of it, is in the Bull Dose formula.

Creatine Monohydrate If you’re looking for something that will help get you through your exercises with a little bit of a push in regards to how your body reacts to the fatigue that comes with pumping heavy weights, then this is the ingredient for you.

This is an ingredient that has actually been  well-researched and has been proven to actually work- supplementation or otherwise. It’s found in foods that are a part of most healthy diets, and is safe to take orally. There are some minor side-effects that may arise when taking too much of it all at once.

So you’re going to have to be wary, because the amount of it in the Bull Dose formula is unknown. If you’re thinking of using this, you’re going to have to slowly build up tolerance to its effects.

Beta Alanine Another ingredient that has been studied enough for us to be able to prove its effectiveness. Once again, it deals with helping your body deliver nutrients easier by interacting with acids and promoting the production of Carnosine. This molecule has been said to aid greatly when it comes to effectively boosting an individual’s strength.

It’s also been said to lead to strong and longer-lasting gym sessions- and many people have said that they are able to perform a lot more than they usually would have if they had not taken it.

One of the main downsides that comes with Beta Alanine, is the well-known ‘tingling’ sensation. It’s completely harmless but some people are turned off by the idea of it, as it is especially prominent. It’s usually a result of high-doses. Once again, we have no idea how much of something is actually in the Bull Dose supplement- as everything is mixed into a proprietary blend.

Extended Pump Formula

This is the grouping that is meant to provide the nutrients that your body needs in order to produce the required pumping effect. Much like the other grouping, Bull Dose does not reveal the dosage of each ingredient used.

This grouping includes L-Citrulline Malate, which is is basically another way of getting more L-Arginine into your system. It’s been said to help reduce an individual’s level of fatigue, but it has not been proven to actually help give you additional strength.

Another ingredient used in the making of this particular Bull Dose grouping are BCAAs, which are essentially amino acids that are helpful in getting you the extra protein that your body needs in order to build up the muscles that you are working on creating.

Where to buy Bull Dose?

You can purchase the Bull Dose here, for a total of 35.84 US Dollars. There are 40 servings included in each container- which should last for more than a month. It’s a fairly good price- considering the number of servings.

Does it Work?

The ingredients used in Bull Dose can actually be found in a lot of the other popular pre workout supplements. However, the one thing that sets Bull Dose apart is the fact that it does not disclose any of the actual dosages used in the making of it’s formula. So whilst the ingredients themselves are effective- we don’t know how effective they will be considering we do not have a benchmark as to how much of an ingredient is in every serving.

Revolution Nutrition Bull Dose Review Conclusion

There are a lot of other supplements that use the same ingredients used in Bull Dose. Unfortunately, the lack of dosage information makes me pretty wary of recommending this product to anyone- hence the bad rating. If you’re looking for a good and effective supplement to help you with your fitness needs, you can check out our best pre workout review: 4 Gauge Review

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