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Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Review

Redcon 1 are a well established supplement brand. Their fat burner is Double Tap. A product that looks the part and uses a blend of natural and synthesised ingredients to crank up your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

If you’re desperate to get that slim and shredded six pack in record time, fat burners like Double Tap can be a great resource. Giving you an edge over your calorie intake. The blend used in Redcon 1’s Double Tap contains some fairly high risk ingredients however. So you’d need to be cautious.

The product does look great however and will likely make a difference to your physique, but we’d recommend checking out safer supplements first.

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Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Core Ingredients

Ingredients wise there isn’t much that blows us away with Redcon 1’s latest fat burner. It’s got a blend of 7 ingredients with a couple of amino acids and a large focus on stimulants.

The effects of stimulants in fat burners means your metabolism will increase and so will energy levels. Ensuring you are burning unwanted fat by way of a calorie deficit.

The issue with Double Tap is that the stimulants used could interact with eachother, causing side effects.

It’s good to see the fully disclosed doses and high doses of proven fat burning herbs, but this fat burner could prove a little risky.

Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Review


Good for heart health. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that can help with athletic performance and fat burning. It ensures that energy is passed to cells efficiently and effectively. It’s good at high doses, so Redcon 1’s fat burner might be slightly lacking.

Green Tea

Green tea not only boosts your metabolism, but also helps the breakdown of fatty acids in the liver. This ensures that you are storing less fat. The dose of green tea in Redcon 1’s fat burner is high so should get some god results.


Caffeine is a fat burning staple. It increases your metabolism and provides you energy if you are training heavily. The metabolism increase will ensure more calories are burnt and so less fat will be stored by your body.


Caffeine but mixed with malic acid. This means there is more of a delayed response of caffeine into the blood. This delay basically means that you feel the effects for longer.


Teacrine is a trademarked version of Theacrine which is found in tea. This basically counters the effects of stimulants and provides a calming effect with some focus. At the right dose it can be very effective, but if the level of stimulants are too high it won’t do too much.


Similar to banned substance DMAA, this is a stimulant that’s been very under researched and so could cause unwanted side effects.  This is a risky substance so it’s worth being wary of, particularly when combined with caffeine.

Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Dose

Dose wise you are getting a good amount of caffeine and Green Tea. Which are good staple ingredients that can get you decent results.

But the problem lies with the potential for it interacting with the other stimulants in this fat burner.

Servings wise, the 3 capsules a day are good as they help keep things spread and so can ensure you have better more even results.

Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Side Effects

2-Aminoisheptaine can cause unwanted side effects due to the lack of scientific study it’s had one it. It’s basically a stimulant that could also potentially interact with other stimulants.

Caffeine at high doses can cause headaches, nausea and energy crashes. With the dose of Redcon being reasonable though, you should be ok with the energy crashes.

The DI-Caffeine will also ensure a reduction in side effects.

But you should still be vary wary of the 2-Aminoisheptaine, as it can make you feel very shit.

Where to buy Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner?

You can order Redcon 1 Double Tap direct from their online store. Or you can pick up some bottles from eBay and Amazon, location dependant.

The cost is $49.99 which gets you 90 capsules. It’s not a bad deal, but the supplement is a little risky when it comes to it’s ingredients.

There are also no multibuy deals or discounts available which might be frustrating for some people. Our top 3 fat burners have a few more capsules, with 120, and more ingredients, at a similar cost.

Redcon 1 Double Tap Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is a fat burner that has some good ingredients at a solid dose. It’s issues though lie with the non natural ingredients inside. These could cause unwanted side effects.

The cost is fairly high, given the risk, but you do get 90 capsules in a bottle.

RedCon 1 are trustworthy as a brand, so we are sure you may be able to get a refund if you find this formula a little too potent.

If you want a trusted and proven fat burner without side effects though, we’d recommend checking our top 3.

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