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Red Ghost by Controlled Labs Fat Burner Review

Choosing a fat burner is hard. There are so many to market, with so many ingredients inside them it can be a little confusing. Finding one is easy, but buying one that works is hard. *This is a full, honest and impartial Red Ghost by Controlled Labs Fat Burner Review.

As with any product, the more you pay the better itÔÇÖs going to be. So, if you are looking to cut down and need a little help sticking to your diet, while getting an energy boost through the day, you should invest in a fat burner.

What is it?

Red Ghost is the latest offering from Controlled Labs. This fat burner contains a diverse set of ingredients and promises to deliver an effective quick method of burning away extra fat. We must admit we are excited to review this product as at first glance it has some of the key ingredients youÔÇÖd expect from an effective fat burner.

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Red Ghost by Controlled Labs Fat Burner Review Key Ingredients

Wow, this supplement contains loads of ingredients, that have a range of effects. Problem is here, are these ingredients going to be effective or have they just crammed as many ingredients as possible in the hope they hit the mark with something?

Gaba (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)

This is the first time we’ve seen this in a supplement. And after a fair bit of research we know that this ingredient is supposed to help increase the release of growth hormones. This hasn’t yet been proven, and so isn’t something that’s worth spending money on at this stage. All tests of this ingredient, to allow it to increase the metabolism of growth hormone have used 3000mg-5000mg, so even if this ingredient is effective, it is very under dosed in this supplement.


This is a common ingredient for diet pills in Brazil. You might think as it’s common it’s effective. However generally it’s included inside products that also contain a certain amount of illegal amphetamines and some tranquillisers. While this is a natural product, it’s uses have been restricted in the west with very limited research into it’s uses taking place. Remember, when buying a fat burner you need something that contains tested and proven ingredients. While this is safe, it may have little effect.

Bacopa monnieri

This is primarily used as a cognitive enhancer. It’s known to help relieve anxiety and stress. This can be very useful for performance in the gym. But the problem here is that it can easily make you nauseous on an empty stomach. If you are planning on losing weight, you are generally going to be on an empty stomach and need a fat burner that will support your diet, not require you to be full to take it.

Horsetail Extract

This has commonly been used to help with water retention and aid problems with kidney stones etc. We can presume it has been added to this supplement to aid with the absorption of the other ingredients. However there is more proof that horsetail extract will help with some skin conditions when applied externally than aid with the digestion of ingredients.

Caffeine AnhydrousRed Ghost Fat Burner Ingredients

A staple of any good fat burner. Caffeine is widely known for its stimulative effects and is absolutely crucial to keep you energised and focused throughout the day. It increases metabolism too, which again is essential. We are pleased to see this in here and it certainly claws back the above ingredients which are a little questionable. 300mg is a good amount and has been proven to be the most effective amount.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract

This works by increasing the bodies temperature and therefore, burning extra fat in the body. Ideal and proven, a great addition to this supplement and indeed any fat burner!


The dose of this seems a little intense for us. Rather than spreading out the effects of the product, they suggest you take all 4 capsules before midday. This can be dangerous and also would cause problems in the afternoon. Look for a product that ensures you are getting the full effects throughout the day and not all in one go!

Where to buy?

We found this supplement on www.bodybuilding.com for $30.00. Which is a fair price for something with so many ingredients. But, as most of the ingredients are ineffective, and some could make some people feel a little sick we’d say carry on with your search and look out for something that has all the best bits of this and more. It’s crucial for a fat burner to help you feel full and keep you energised too. Premium products always yield the best fat burning results.

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2018 Controlled Labs Red Ghost Review Update

The Controlled Labs Red Ghost was an interesting fat burner to look at. It was cheap, but that was probably due to the many ineffective ingredients that they used.

Not going to lie, it used some good ones. Like Cayenne and Caffeine, those should give you mild benefits at least. However, it’s really not enough- even for the cheap price that they’re asking.

You want something powerful- something that will get you results FAST. We recommend checking out our updated┬á2018 Top 3 Fat Burner Review.┬áYou’ll find the┬áperfect┬ásupplement, waiting for you there.┬á

Should I buy Red Ghost by Controlled Labs?

While the price is right, some of the ingredients are not. We can’t deny that this would be a mildly effective fat burner, but wouldn’t risk it. If you are in need of a fat burner asap, then we’d recommend checking out our top fat burners!┬á

Red Ghost Fat Burner

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