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Real Pharm Reduct Burn Review

Real Pharm are keeing it real with their fat burner that promises to help your body reduce down unwanted fat and really help you cut down.

Abs are achievable for everyone and a good fat burner can make getting them so much easier, allowing for an all day burn.

Does Reduct Burn fit the bill when it comes to an effective fat burner supplement though? Or have Real Farm just created another empty and weak fat burner to add to the pile?

To answer lets break down the ingredients inside Reduct Burn and see if it’s going to get you shredded…

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Real Pharm Reduct Burn Core Ingredients

Fat Burning Ingredients Index

The ingredients list in Real Pharm Reduct Burn is absolutely massive! This isn’t always a good thing though.

As we are sure you know, there’s only a limited amount of proven fat burning ingredients out there, with many not working or requiring more research.

That’s not to say the ingredients in Reduct Burn won’t work, as there are some solid herbs in here that do provide metabolic and fat burning benefits.

See for yourself here:

Real Pharm Reduct Burn Ingredients


L-Carnatine doubles up as an effective fat burning ingredient and a heart health booster. It brings the fat directly to the mitochondria (the part of the cell where energy is generated) to metabolize it. Also, by maintaining heart rhythm and blood vessel health, aids in improving heart health as well. Higher doses of L-Carnatine can be accompanied by lethal side effects so its generally under dosed in most fat burners.

Green Coffee

By now, you already know about green tea and how it’s amazing at burning fat. But what about green coffee? What makes better than regular coffee that fat burners include it? Well, it reduces the absorption of blood sugar by the intestine and then prevents an enzyme from generating in the liver, meaning that the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream to be metabolized is quite low. This way, the body looks for other ways to generate energy such as fat. This has been scientifically proven as well, making it a really good ingredient to include in a fat burner.


Bitter orange, also known as Citrus Aurantium or Synephrine, is the compound found within the unripe fruit of Citrus Aurantium. It has similar effects to ephedrine but doesn’t get converted to methamphetamines. It suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, increases body temperature and causes fat breakdown. But, due to its similarities to ephedrine, it also has the same side effects which gets worse when combined with other stimulants.

Green Tea Extract

We all know about green tea, health enthusiast or not. But what makes it so special that people aiming to shed some fat are flocking the stores to buy it? While its caffeine content is already enough to boost metabolism, its rich stores of catechins also take it to the next level. So much so that some studies have concluded that you can burn as many as 200 extra calories in a day without doing any further physical activity than you usually do by drinking green tea. Most fat burners have a recommended 500 milligrams of green tea extract.


This amino acid, while not contributing a lot to the fat burning effect in a fat burner, is still good at maintaining other functions that a healthy body needs. Its effect extend to affecting neuromuscular functions such as stress response, mental function, mood, satiety and even sex drive. L-Tyrosine is synthesized within the body from the amino acid phenylalanine and also has a vital role in producing melanin (skin pigmentation) to protect the the body from UV rays. Being an amino acid, it benefits from higher doses, usually upwards of 500 milligrams.

Real Pharm Reduct Burn Dose

Dose wise you get 3 capsules per day with Reduct Burn. This is a decent dose and contains a few ingredients that will get you results from this.

Most the L-Carnitine and Green Coffee as these are at higher doses.

The L-Tyrosine is left under dosed and so is one of the most researched and effective fat burning ingredients, Green Tea.

Aside from these, there are lots of citrus fruits in Real Pharms fat burner that will have limited effects, they are basically just acidic fruit extracts.

Real Pharm Reduct Burn Side Effects

There’s a bit of a big problem with Real Pharms fat burner.

It’s the fact they have opted to use Bitter Orange extract. This ingredient is a stimulant and is widely known to cause side effects due to it’s chemical similarities with ephedrine.

Side effects can potentially include;

headaches, nausea and anxiety. Take Reduct Burn with care.

Real Pharm Reduct Burn Review Conclusion

We love the way this supplement looks.

Real Pharm have also put alot into it in terms of its ingredients. But ultimately, in your battle against unwanted fat, they’ve missed a few tricks when it comes to proven ingredients.

There’s also some minor issues concerning the dose and also with the fact that you could get unwanted and negative side effects from supplementing Reduct Burn.

If you want something proven and effective, we’d recommend you check out our top 3 fat burners.

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