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RazorWire Thermo Lacerate Fat Burner Review

RazorWire Thermo Lacerate is the bold fat burner from Razor supplements. Widely available on the web and containing a mass of ingredients, we thought we’d take a look and see if this fat burner is worth your money.


Striking. Visually this supplement is up there with some of the better more premium brands like Grenades thermo detonator or the lesser known Instant Knockout. It’s bold and it looks pretty cool. It tells you what your getting and in what dose which is excellent to see.


This is one of the longer ingredients lists we’ve seen on a fat burner. Containing a whopping 16 ingredients. The problem is with longer lists, especially when concerning stimulatory supplements, is that they can often contain under dosed ingredients, or ingredients that are harmful when they interact with each other.



Good. A solid start to this showy supplement. This ingredient is a staple fat burner and is dosed well. You want caffeine to fire up your metabolism and give you a boost through the day, helping you with your diet and burning more calories through energy expenditure.

Raspberry Ketones

They don’t really need this ingredient in here. Raspberry Ketones is basically a useless by product of the perfume industry that was cleverly marketed as the next big thing in weight loss. There are no REAL studies to back this up as a weight loss supplement. What’s more there is very little known about the long term side effects of this ingredient.

Cayenne Extract

GREAT. Cayenne provides a great boost to any fat burner. It raises the bodies temprature causing thermogenesis. Meaning you are literally burning calories whilst sitting. There’s some solid scientific backing to this ingredient too, meaning it’s worth looking out for when buying a good fat burner.


Chromium works in fat loss supplements by helping the body stabilize levels of glucose in the body. It’s an ingredient that the body gets naturally from foods. It helps the fat burning process by making the body burn more stored fat as fuel when you are working out. There are plenty of studies backing this ingredient.

Green Coffee

Green coffee is a great fat burning ingredient. Not only is it slightly stimulatory and help increase your metabolism, the big plus is that it contains chlorogenic acid. This helps reduce cravings in between meals. It works through reducing glucose in the liver, and therefore makes the body used stored fat as fuel. EXACTLY what you want. It is however a little under dosed in this supplement, but should still be effective.

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium)

This is the big problem with this supplement. Bitter orange is also known and citrus aurantium. It’s a stimulant and chemically has a fair bit in common with banned substance ephendrene. Whilst we are sure there may be some fat burning properties to this ingredient, it’s very dangerous when misused and mixed with any other stimulants. Not worth the risk as the side effects can be quite serious. 


4 capsules per day. 2 before breakfast 2 before lunch. This dosing is ok, however isn’t spread enough to avoid complete crashes. The ingredients are slightly under dosed and you don’t want to be taking 2 capsules at once as the cayenne, caffiene and bitter orange could make you feel slightly unwell. If you are looking for a fat burner, look for 4 individual doses through the day. Our top 3 have good examples of dosing.


£44.99 is a good price for a premium supplement. While we don’t doubt this is a fairly good supplement and has had a lot of effort put into it, there are some rubbish ingredients and some that are dangerous. If you are ready to spend this to get a decent fat burner, then check out our current #1.


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We do like the way this supplement looks. However it’s major letdown is the bitter orange peel. It’s not safe to take and probably will do more harm than good. If you are going to buy this supplement, get in touch with us below to tell us your results. If you want proven ingredients with a premium, safe fat burner, check out our top 3 supplements.

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